Queen of the Thrones castor oil uses for postpartum and breastfeed

The Benefits of Castor Oil Postpartum

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Written by: Heather Tanti R.P.N (non-practicing)

Medically reviewed by: Victoria Williams R.H.N.

Est. reading time: 12 minutes

In the profound journey of motherhood, marked by sleepless nights and selfless sacrifices, a woman’s body undergoes amazing changes to bring life into the world. 

As we navigate the challenges of postpartum, breastfeeding, recovery and more, you can find comfort and support from Castor Oil and Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Packs– a gentle, natural tool to bring you mind, body and spiritual wellness.

Benefits of Castor Oil

You’ve likely heard of Castor Oil before, perhaps your grandmother swore by it for helping you go number 2? Or maybe you’ve read online it can help induce labor?

While Castor Oil traditionally has been used as a stimulant laxative when taken orally, research has shown this to be a rather harsh evacuation on your bowels, causing urgency, cramping and discomfort1.

But today, Castor Oil has been celebrated all over the world for its multi-purpose abilities, bringing you whole body wellness- without needing to consume it!

Sounds wonderful, agreed? Let’s break down a few of Castor Oil’s uses, shall we?

Castor Oil uses

Castor Oil for postpartum hair loss

Let’s be honest, most of us enjoyed how healthy looking our hair seemed to be during pregnancy, right? The shine, length and thickness visible for all to see… 

But now, it’s like it falls out in clumps after every shower… you watch it swirl down the drain with a heavy heart, knowing it once was once full of so much vitality. Can you relate?

Queen of the Thrones Castor oil for postpartum care
Sure, there’s tons of hair care products lining store shelves promising healthy looking hair, but with a little one keeping you busy, where do you find the time?

Not to worry, my friend, because we get it. Time and money are valuable these days, which is why we strive to bring you self-care that is simple and adaptable in your day-to-day life.

Find support with Castor Oil for postpartum hair loss, PLUS:

  • Support thicker, longer hair
  • Nourish breakage and split ends
  • Enhance shine and strength2

You’re going to love the Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Hair Mask, a nourishing, natural hair remedy you can do from the comfort of home!

But it doesn’t stop there, Castor Oil can be used for lashes and brows too!

Can I use Castor Oil on eyelashes while breastfeeding?

Castor Oil is not only great for the hair on your head, but for your lashes and brows too. But, maybe you’re wondering if this self-care practice is safe while breastfeeding?

Thankfully, the topical application of Castor Oil on your eyelashes and brows is a safe self-care practice. 

Applying Castor Oil topically on your breasts can also bring you wonderful skin-loving nutrients3 and support. Plus, you’ll be able to support your breast wellness even more with the Castor Oil Packs for Breasts!

But the postpartum phase isn’t all sunshine and roses, because there’s one thing (besides sleep debt), that weighs heavy on most new mothers- constipation.

Castor Oil for constipation post delivery

Postpartum constipation- the unwelcome guest that makes its appearance after childbirth, right? As if postpartum recovery wasn’t challenging enough, then when you add in the discomforts of constipation post delivery it can feel like you’re giving birth all over again, can you relate?

Wearing a Liver Castor Oil Pack is a safe and gentle practice that supports liver detox, inflammation4 and constipation5 6. However, if you are breastfeeding, it may be best to avoid it until you’re finished breastfeeding, to avoid toxins in breast milk. 

Good news though, mama! Postpartum is the ideal time to reset organs and nourish depleted tissues, so beginning with the Pelvic Castor Oil Pack practice is a great place to start! (Save the Liver Castor Oil Pack until after you’ve finished breastfeeding.)

Queen of the Thrones how do Castor oil pelvic packs help postpartum body

So, how does it all work to support your body postpartum?

    • May help balance inflammation in your pelvic area
    • Nourishes and supports your organs during postpartum recovery
    • Supports cleansing of the uterus & fallopian tubes
    • Enhances circulation and lymphatic drainage to this sensitive area.
    • Support for constipation post delivery.

It’s like a little helper for your hormones and gut, supporting you after the rollercoaster of childbirth.

Sounds good, agreed?

Here’s a FREE download all about Castor Oil Packs postpartum!

Don’t forget to download your Postpartum Guide on Castor Oil Packs!

Castor Oil for scars and stretch marks

So, you’re navigating the waters of postpartum, focusing on recovery and being a new mom to your little one. But maybe you’re looking to use Castor Oil for scars and stretchmarks, hoping to lessen their appearance, is this you?

Those stripes of honor from the journey of motherhood are beautiful representations, a canvas made from creating new life.

So how can we begin to support these delicate etchings on our skin?

Castor Oil is a great option for soothing scars and stretch marks while delivering essential nutrients to your skin. However, please note that if you have a fresh C-section scar or incision, refrain from applying Castor Oil or a Castor Oil Pack over the open wound.

A great way to utilize Castor Oil for scars and stretchmarks is with the Fascia Body Roller– this self-care gem is armed with refreshingly cool metal balls that roll effortlessly across your body.

Fascia body rolling may help support:

    • Enhanced circulation and lymphatic drainage
    • Breaking down scar tissue from injury, surgery, cesarean section, and/or endometriosis
    • Appearance of stretch marks, scarring, cellulite and varicose veins  postpartum
    • Tight IT bands and sore muscles through fascia release
Queen of the Thrones Castor oil for scars and stretch marks

Castor Oil & cabbage leaves for breasts

If you find yourself in the midst of swollen, tender breasts, whether during pregnancy or postpartum, you may be searching for natural relief.

Mastitis is a common, uncomfortable condition that affects many women on their postpartum and breastfeeding journey. Can you relate?

Now, you may have heard about cabbage leaves helping to support the discomfort associated with mastitis, but is there any truth to it?

Using cabbage leaves may help alleviate breast engorgement pain and extend breastfeeding duration. Some studies indicate its effectiveness, while others suggest it may not be as useful.7

Queen of the Thrones Castor oil and cabbage for breasts

How does Castor Oil combined with cabbage leaves offer support?

Using Castor Oil and cabbage leaves is a bit of a home remedy approach that some people try to help with mastitis. Now, keep in mind, these aren’t proven cures, and what works can vary from person to person.

So, with Castor Oil, some folks think it might help because it’s believed to have anti-inflammatory properties in the form of ricinoleic acid. Applying Castor Oil Packs to your sore breast(s) may help calm down the inflammation and make things feel a bit better. Also, massaging with Castor Oil might support blood circulation, which could be helpful in fighting off any potential infection.

Now, cabbage leaves. People sometimes use chilled cabbage leaves as a sort of cold compress for their breasts. It’s supposed to be soothing and might help with the pain and swelling. 

How exactly do you combine this duo to help support breast discomfort? Get the recipe in the free download below!

Melanie and her son from Queen of the Thrones postpartum

So, mama, embracing the wonders of Castor Oil and Castor Oil Packs can be a game-changer as you navigate the beautiful, yet challenging postpartum journey.

As you cradle your little one and savor those precious moments, consider incorporating these natural remedies into your self-care routine. The nurturing properties of Castor Oil can lend a comforting hand, offering support during this transformative period.

Here’s to finding solace in the simplicity of Castor Oil– a gentle companion for every new mom as she begins the amazing adventure of motherhood.

Visit the shop below for some much-deserved self-care shopping, mama!

*Remember, always check with your healthcare provider before beginning any new practice to ensure it is right for you.*

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