FAQs about Castor Oil and Castor Oil Packs

Can I just drink Castor Oil or rub it on my skin?

Castor Oil is a stimulant laxative that when taken orally, can cause cramping and make you rush to go to the bathroom.
Simply rubbing Castor Oil on your skin and throwing an old T-shirt overtop (A.K.A. the “Lazy Castor Oil Pack”) only gives you about 50% of the support. Without the pack you lose out on supporting gentle relaxation and self-care, because the pack acts like a cozy blanket, embracing the area you are targeting with gentle support.

You see, the pack and the 
Castor Oil work synergistically together to help you feel better

Are Castor Oil Packs Messy?

Has the mess and fear of staining your fabrics stopped you from doing a Castor Oil Pack in the past? Probably, and that’s why this pack was designed by a naturopathic doctor just for you to be LESS-mess.

Although it’s not messless, it’s LESS messy than a DIY pack. Always wear an old T-shirt over top, just in case.

Please note: Your pack will become messy over time and it’s unknown whether or not toxins are absorbed into the pack, this is why it’s important to use fresh oil with each use and replace your pack after 2 months if you’re using it daily.

Do I have to add heat?

Extra heat is not necessary because the Castor Oil Pack is engineered to naturally hold in your body heat.

Do I Have to Wash My Pack?

Like a house, if your foundation is strong, your house will last forever. If you are careful to keep the oil in the center of the compress, avoiding the seams, then there is no need to wash the pack. According to Edgar Cayce, the bedside healer who popularized the treatment in the early 1900s, castor oil packs were never to be washed.

If you keep the castor oil in the center of the Queen of the Thrones® castor oil pack, this will avoid the need to have to wash it.

How to Wash my Castor Oil Pack?

We recommend after a period of about three months, to replace the pack and start new. Washing your castor oil pack is quite easy. Ideally, your goal is to not wash it, instead being careful to keep the oil in the middle of the pack, away from the seams.

If you wish to wash the pack:

  1. Soak overnight in a bowl in a mixture of hot water, baking soda, and natural dish soap
  2. In the morning, hand wash with hot water and natural dish soap, wring it out very well
  3. Take an old tea towel (that you don’t mind ruining) and lay the outer layer of the pack against it. Roll the pack up in the tea towel, blotting out the oil until there is little oily residue left on the outer layer
  4. Hang to dry


  1. Put your castor oil pack in your dishwasher, securing it by tying the straps to the inner rack
  2. Run your dishwasher with a natural dishwashing soap/puck
  3. Remove from dishwasher, using an old tea towel, roll it up in the towel to blot and press out any oil residue
  4. Hang to dry

Can I Share My Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Pack?

Absolutely not! It’s like underwear, keep it to yourself. It’s for your own self-care use and you do not want to be sharing it with anyone.

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