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True or false: Castor oil packs are complicated and messy.

Not ours! The Original Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Liver Pack is easier and less-messy than ever before. This ready-to-wear pack naturally holds in your body heat, and is reusable for two months (then it’s time to replace).

You might be thinking, “Can I just drink the oil or rub it on my skin?”

You could, but without the pack you lose out on over HALF of the benefits including hormone balancing, liver cleansing and stress reduction so you can have the deep sleep you’ve been longing for! Just remember, when taken orally, castor oil is a stimulant laxative that’s not as gentle on your system as the castor oil pack is!

Have you been told, “Castor oil packs take too long to work”?

We’re all unique, agreed? Most experience benefits immediately, as in amazingly deep, restful sleep, regular poops, better digestion, and less bloating, but for some, it can take longer to notice the benefits. Often when the body is imbalanced it’s taken a long time to get this way, so sometimes it takes a while to reset.

Castor Oil Liver Pack

Would you love to have regular poops and deep, restful sleep so you can wake up like new every day? This modernized ancient gut healing ritual enhances the absorption of your food, supplements, and any other health practices you are already doing, helping them work better and faster.

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See why other’s like you LOVE our castor oil liver packs!

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I can’t believe how much my bloat is down!

“Okay I am amazed with this castor oil pack!!! I was sooo bloated and I’ve used it now for 4 nights and I can’t believe how much my bloat is down like I cannot believe it!!! Thank-you! I’m honestly blown away, I’ve tried everything and so many things aren’t as simple and natural as this, this is amazing! I am sooo happy!”

Queen of the Thrones® Customer

Feels like a warm hug every night…

“Feels like a warm hug every night in my self care routine. I bought it to help with my bloating but it has done so much more. Better BMs, sleeping better and overall just feeling more balanced.”

Emily P.


“I JUST HAD THE BEST POO OF MY LIFE! Seriously from my wrist to my elbow length!! I thought you were absolutely crazy when I heard you say it should be that lengthy 😂Only three days of doing my Castor oil packs and I’m already sleeping better, pooing better and my skin looks amazing!! 👏👏”

Queen of the Thrones® Customer

I am amazed how it relaxes my gut.

“My nutritionist recommended the castor oil pack and I ordered it right away. I am amazed how it relaxes my gut. I put it on before bedtime and don’t take it off until morning. I can see my castor oil pack as part of my health plan for the rest of my life!

Queen of the Thrones® Customer

I love this stuff. The wrap makes it so easy

“I love this stuff. The wrap makes it so easy to wear around the house or to bed without getting things messy. It’s incredibly relaxing – I often wear mine all night and sleep like a baby”

Queen of the Thrones® Customer

Easy to use and comfortable enough to sleep with it!

“I have used castor oil packs before and it was always a dread to set everything up, I love this kit that makes it super easy to use and way less messy than what I used to do, making it easy to take care of myself, love it!”

Queen of the Thrones® Customer

Stools, Sleep & Stress

Your body is smart – it shows you what it needs and what’s going wrong every single day… it just speaks in a secret code that you have yet to unlock; that lies in your stools, sleep and stress. It’s our mission here at Queen of the Thrones® to help billions of people all over the world unlock their secret body code with ancient self-care tools that have been modernized! Founded with over a decade of clinical experience, the Original Heatless, Less-Mess Castor Oil Liver Pack is the foundation to many of our health systems and practices.

We are now proudly the #1 Trusted Castor Oil Pack Brand In North America, Made Just For You. Found in over 500 clinics and health food stores, recommended by thousands of health practitioners and LOVED by wellness enthusiasts across the globe.

Try it yourself to enjoy better bowel movements, deeper sleep and less stress.

Where to get Started

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Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Liver Pack™ to poop better, sleep better, stress less and bloat less

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