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How to know if you have belly fat or belly bloat? A simple home remedy you can do to find out.

Learn with Queen of the Thrones How to know if you have belly fat or belly bloat

Fat is weight gain and bloating is often caused by water retention to reduce the gut inflammation caused by food sensitivities, allergies, intolerances, an unhealthy microbiome, stress, chewing your food too fast and eating on the go.

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3 Easy Ways to Reduce the Stress you get from EMFs

Do you ever feel like you get stressed out super easily? Chest tight, heart pounding, body overheating – you’ve tried everything to de-stress, but you feel like your body is in ‘fight or flight’ mode. Does this sound like you? I’ve been there too, and one of my silent stressors was electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). You see, EMFs can actually increase stress on your nervous system1. It wasn’t until I figured out 3 easy ways to protect my body from the effects of EMFs and stress through castor oil liver packs, sleep hygiene mask and my Harmoni Pendant that I understood the impact EMFs were having on me.

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