How to Cleanse while you sleep with Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Packs

How to cleanse while you sleep with Castor Oil Packs

Jun 2, 2022 | 6 comments

Written by: Victoria Williams R.H.N. Victoria Williams Director of Operations at Queen of the Thrones Victoria Williams R.H.N.
Victoria is Head of Operations at Queen of the Thrones®. Victoria obtained a Pre-Health Science Certificate with Honours from Georgian College, which ignited her passion for natural wellness and nutrition.
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Medically reviewed by: Melanie Swackhammer, BA

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Everybody wants to cleanse when it’s spring, would you agree?

While cleansing is a natural body function, did you know it doesn’t happen just once a year? In fact, it’s a daily occurrence – correction, it’s a nightly occurrence.

Here you will learn how to cleanse while you sleep with Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Packs and the Eye Compress no matter the time of year.

So when your patients, and you, are looking for support in removing the discomforts of leaky gut and hormone imbalance symptoms from the stress they’ve been dealing with, to feel their best in their bodies with the energy of an Olympic athlete… wanting it all now, and by now they mean yesterday…

You’ll be ready to share an easy, doable, Queen of the Thrones® Day & Night Detox Kit.

The above scenario sounds all too familiar? Correct?

This is a perfect example of what you find yourself or your patient saying…

Balance your Health and Recover your Energy and with Queen of the Thrones Castor Oil Packs

“I’m so desperately wanting to clean up my life, and not just emptying my closets and decluttering my house… It’s me! I don’t have the energy to do everything I want to do. I’m constipated, always exhausted, can’t sleep and I’m so stressed, and I feel like my brain is all fogged up.”

And then the question comes…

Can I cleanse & detox with a supplement?

Cleansing with Queen of the Thrones Castor Oil Packs help to improve your health

Ah yes, the one and done supplemental band-aid prescription. Everybody wants it. Even you and you know better. But that’s ok, because it’s human nature, especially living in today’s day and age.

We want it now, and by now I mean yesterday. Can you relate?

But you look back on your life, and what have the quick fixes done for you? Nothing, because nobody benefits from it in the long run. It may feel good for a period of time but leaves you in the same place you started in. A rut. Agreed?

The key to cleansing and detoxing isn’t seasonal, it’s nightly

What Works? It’s not something you just do in the spring, although it’s a great time to start. What really shifts overtime and improves your leaky gut and hormone Imbalance, is the regular practice of supporting what your body does best.

Sleeping, resting, healing and cleaning!

Yes, that’s right, easy practices that you repeat nightly that become as easy and mindless as brushing your teeth because you know you need to brush off the biofilm for good dental health to prevent cavities, agreed?

Well, your body is no different. There is a way to support your regular, nightly and daytime cleansing.

What about dairy?

You know as much as you, or your patients would love to do a “trendy” cleanse or detox that, for most of us, is just too hard. Too many bells and whistles to commit to, right?

Because a cleanse or detox, well that my friend, involves giving up the things you and they love, like red wine, gluten and dairy, and maybe other foods that they find on their food sensitivity testing.

Plus, they’ve either experienced before or heard about the dreadful and very possible aggravating symptoms.

Learn with Queen of the Thrones What you should avoid during a Cleanse and Detox process

And how are you going to get them, or yourself to do a complicated cleanse or detox if they don’t have the energy to do it?I mean this is why they are sitting in front of you, with ZERO energy, correct?

So, to even initiate a single task or avoid yourself or your patients experiencing another uncomfortable symptom, you are going to have to get creative. Sound too good to be true?

It’s not, read on…

Because you can cleanse and detox while you sleep,

Here’s how…

What’s in a name? Well, everything.

You know your patients are exhausted, you know the first step to healing is like when you are building a house from scratch.

You clean (cleanse or detox) up the land (your body) before building a house so you have a strong sturdy foundation. Makes sense, agreed?

But if there isn’t any energy, how can this happen?

Easily, with the Queen of the Thrones® Day & Night Detox Kit, complete with your Castor Oil Liver Pack, Eye Compress and Dry Brush.

Once you have your pack on, you then dab a couple drops of castor oil around the fine lines and wrinkles on your face, so you can reduce signs of aging, enhance circulation7 and lymphatic drainage. What’s next?

You then slip on your Eye Compress and get comfy in your bed. When your head hits the pillow you’re relaxed as your eye compress gently blocks out distracting lights and makes you feel sleepy because it supports melatonin production8-9.

Plus, your Castor Oil Liver Pack feels like a hug that naturally stimulates the production of your feel-good hormones, oxytocin10-11 and dopamine12-13, so you’re ready to drift off into a relaxing deep slumber. Wonderful, agreed?

Morning comes and you start your shower, setting aside your Dry Brush & Castor Oil for when you step out. Starting from your ankles, working your way to your heart, you gently brush small circular motions.

The best part? It’s truly relaxing but what it’s doing is delivering anti-inflammatory14 nutrients like vitamin E, polyphenols and omegas15-16 and stimulating lymphatic flow. Why does this matter in the morning? Read on!

Now, you might be wondering because your patients might ask you…

Why and how does cleansing, detox and drainage happen while I’m sleeping?

Working with the body and the natural laws, we are already privy, according to traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors, that the hour of the liver is between 1-3 am, where the majority of liver detox occurs, at 3-5am the lungs supports lymphatic drainage, and at 5-7am is when colon cleansing occurs.

So, detox, drainage and cleansing overnight in the liver, lymphatics and colon can happen overnight when you’re sleeping.

This is connected to chronobiology research, the best time to do things for your body supports what the ancient Chinese doctors already knew.

What supports cleansing overnight, wearing a sleep aid compress to naturally promote melatonin. When you wake up in the morning, naturally pump cortisol with a dry brush.

Day and Night Fluctuations ot your Rest and Alert Hormones by Queen of the Thrones

Both the liver and microbiome are most active during sleep, and there is a lot of cleaning going on, so why not:

  • Promote healthy sleep
  • Support the gut and microbiome
  • Reduce inflammation in the liver

All this to simply support and help the body naturally to do what it is supposed to do, stay clean!

To learn more about how to support the rhythm of your day and night detox cycle Click here.

Are you a practitioner, health coach or wellness influencer? If you’re interested in recommending our easy-to-use tools and practically applying them in your health and wellness professional practice, in clinic, or online with the people you serve, you can join now!

Click here for references

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  1. Linda Walley

    I am 80 years old and did the castor oil cleanse and I know it works. The problem I had was herxing so bad that I thought I was going to die. I drank a whole glass of water and a whole glass of lemon water and then took a bath in my walk in tub. Right away my brain woke up. and I feel much better but l am going to fast today.Linda

    • Queen of the Thrones

      Hey there! Although we cannot comment on your case specifically. The castor oil pack practice helps us to move things out which our body doesn’t need & cleanse. As it begins to mobilize toxins, sometimes people can experience mild symptoms such as fatigue, headache, loose stools or constipation in the first couple of days of using the pack, but as they continue the practice and make sure they are staying hydrated the body begins to balance out, these disappear. I would try starting out slower, 1 hour before bed or overnight every other day. Then frequent use when symptoms subside.

  2. Rosemary Bartolik

    I ordered the liver kit. How do you keep the oil from not ruining your sheets and clothes if you can’t use plastic? Thanks.

    • Queen of the Thrones

      Hey there! Although our packs are less mess, they aren’t 100% mess free..yet.
      We want to take precaution so the packs do not leak, replacing every 2 months and using only 1T or less of oil each use. I personally apply the oil directly to my skin then place the pack overtop and find this helps with saturation! You can also take an old rag and roll your pack into the rag, gently squeezing out some of the excess oil.

  3. Linda

    Does the pack absorb toxins? Should it be washed between uses? If not, should it be stored in the fridge so it doesn’t get rancid?

    • Ashley Frey

      Your goal is to not wash the pack once you have started using it, as washing may cause the oil to get all over the outer “less mess” layer of the pack, making it messier and decreasing its natural lifecycle.

      Here are some great tips to extend the life of your pack:
      – Use 1 tbsp of fresh Castor Oil with each use
      – Keep the Castor Oil in the center of the pack (away from the seams)
      – Avoid washing your oily pack

      Remember, it’s unknown whether or not substances are absorbed into your pack, so it’s important to always use fresh oil and replace your pack regularly (a good rule of thumb is to replace it every 2 months if you’re using it daily!)
      If you DO want to try washing your oily pack here is a great video for you!


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