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How to know if you’re sensitive to gluten or dairy?

Gluten and dairy sensibilities by Queen of the Thrones

You’re at the mercy of loose stools, constipation, painful gas or bloating. And these symptoms might especially come after specific food items, unfortunately, many of which are your favorite, including pizza, fettuccine alfredo, or grilled cheese. This may make you wonder if gluten and dairy are the cause of your stomach problems?

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How to know if you have belly fat or belly bloat? A simple home remedy you can do to find out.

Learn with Queen of the Thrones How to know if you have belly fat or belly bloat

Fat is weight gain and bloating is often caused by water retention to reduce the gut inflammation caused by food sensitivities, allergies, intolerances, an unhealthy microbiome, stress, chewing your food too fast and eating on the go.

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