Do Castor Oil Packs Really Work? | They Are Making a Comeback!

Queen of The Thrones® Castor Oil Packs™ really work

August 13th, 2020

Written by Queen of the Thrones

Do Castor Oil Packs Really Work? | They Are Making a Comeback!

Castor Oil Packs are a legendary treatment that date back to ancient times. Traditional Chinese medicine, Indian Ayurveda, Ancient Egyptians and Mediterraneans all used castor oil for its rejuvenating health and beauty aspects. It is even mentioned in the bible as the oil that anoints! The plant has been given the special name of the ‘Palm of Christ’. The oil and the packs have been around forever and will forever be a part of natural medicine.

How do Castor Oil Packs Work and What they do For Your Body?

  1. Castor Oil Packs Help you Feel Good and Relax – Bring Pleasure – Stimulate Dopamine.

    Who doesn’t want to be relaxed, feel good and feel pleasure? Like the pleasure you feel after an amazing meal1.

    Castor Oil Packs are meant to relax the body. By applying the pack on the body, most commonly the liver area underneath the right ribcage, you stimulate the sensory receptors in the human hairy skin. This sends a message via the somatic-visceral reflexes, the fancy term for the sensory receptors on the skin, to the organs inside the body.

    The corresponding organs that are affected are the liver, pancreas, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, kidney and adrenals. Because the stimulus is soft to the touch and pleasurable2, it moves your body into the relaxed state from the stressed state.

    Studies show that stimulation of the skin lights up the areas of the brain exactly as they do with pleasurable, dopamine-stimulating fatty meals. Big difference though, Castor Oil Packs are way healthier than an excessively fatty meal!

    I call these packs the escape button for the nervous system, like on your computer, and the science of physioneurology proves it. Castor oil packs take your body from frazzled to fine in a matter of minutes, all by naturally working with your physiology to make it happen. They are great because they are non-invasive and so beneficial to overall health. You could say it’s almost like giving your body a great big hug3 and you get the same benefits from it.

    Because of this aspect you want to make sure that you are using good quality, luxurious, organic cotton flannel that is soft to the touch. The sensory receptors identity the soft sensation as pleasurable which promotes the relaxed state. The pack is just as important as the oil. If you use the oil on your body without the pack, you will lose the majority of the relaxation benefit.

    Why does being relaxed matter? When you are relaxed you can heal, your digestive system produces all of its juices with ease, like digestive enzymes, bile, hydrochloric acid and immune factors4. Most important is that your so called “leaky gut” is a response to living in a stressed-out state. In the relaxed state, stimulated by a Castor Oil Pack, you regain your gut integrity5 6 7. This means that all the supplements and organic food that you are taking, you will absorb even better if you are using Castor Oil Packs. They help to optimize digestion so that all these pills and potions you take will help supercharge your life.

    In the relaxed state is also where your body can cleanse, detox and simply clean up the junk that is in your system. When your body is in the stressed state, all of these functions go on maintenance mode instead of enhanced mode. Move your body into the relaxed state with a castor oil pack and you have the recipe for successful cleansing and detox.

    A cool practical application of these Castor Oil Packs that I have seen in practice, is for health nuts just like me that love to do regular cleanses. When you do these packs during a cleanse, you AVOID the dreaded cleansing symptoms like headaches, skin irritation, moodiness, joint/muscle aches and pains. The mechanism of action here is this, when you are stressed and running away from say, a tiger who is going to eat you, your blood is flowing to the extremities and to your brain.

    Similarly, if you do a cleanse while in the stressed state, the toxins that you are trying to eliminate from your body will flow to your extremities, causing aches and pains, and to your brain, giving you headaches and moodiness. It’s physiology 101, in the stressed state your blood hemodynamics feed the extremities to get you away from the predator to survive, in the relaxed state your blood flows to your internal organs allowing you to digest, cleanse and reset. If you want to supercharge your cleanses and make it easy on you and those around you, ALWAYS do a Castor Oil Pack for support.

    Even better, retraining your nervous system daily to switch into the relaxed state helps you to optimize your life, in general, since you will become more resilient to stress of all types. These days we need it. So make Queen of The Thrones® Castor Oil Packs a daily self-care ritual for life. You won’t want to stop.

  2. Castor Oil Reduces Pain & Inflammation – Where There is Inflammation There is Sickness, Toxicity and Overall Distress in The Body.

    Let’s face it, as humans we run from pain and move towards pleasure. How does the Castor Oil Pack stimulate pleasure and reduce inflammation at the same time?

    The chemical structure of ricinoleic acid, the main component of this ‘magical’ Castor Oil, is similar in structure to prostaglandins in our bodies that reduce inflammation. To put this into context, when you take a fish oil supplement, you take it because it provides you with these prostaglandins that will reduce inflammation all over your body. Castor oil is exactly like that, although we don’t take it orally for this effect, we use it as a pack on our bodies to reduce inflammation.

    It also reduces substance P8 in the body, that is a chemical messenger that promotes the sensation of pain.
    Inflammation in your body equals retention of water. Inflammation is basically a fire that burns in the body with the purpose of creating destruction in order to recreate, renew and heal. Inflammation is purposeful and it can be healthy. However, many cases of inflammation get out of control and result only in destruction.

    Firefighters use water to control a fire, so does your body. With an inflamed intestine and gut, the body will hold water in the abdominal area to decrease the irritation. This leads to excess weight in your abdomen, the so called central obesity or in layman’s terms, the “beer belly”. Castor Oil Packs help to reduce and regulate the inflammation in the abdomen, so that you can work towards that flat belly you are dreaming of.

  3. Castor Oil Increases your MASTER Cleansing Agent – GLUTATHIONE.

    If you haven’t heard of glutathione, this is what you need to know. Glutathione is an incredible molecule that pulls and helps with elimination of most, if not all, toxic substances from the body including things like the dreaded heavy metals.

    Glutathione is worth its weight in gold and it is priceless for a healthy body. The problem is that most of us are running on empty. We have used up our stores of glutathione because we have been bombarded with chemicals and pesticides of all types since the industrial revolution in the early 1900s.

    Glutathione is also difficult to recycle naturally in our bodies and there are very few sources from our food. Some food sources are whey protein (which I don’t suggest because it is mucous-forming) or rooibos tea, which I personally love and always enjoy drinking on cleanses. Get Purasanas Lemon Rooibos Cleanse tea in our Queen of the Thrones® CANADIAN online shop!

    You can also take glutathione supplementally, via intravenous infusion or oral capsules. The latter of these isn’t necessarily the best absorbed and there is controversy about whether or not it is worth it to take glutathione orally.

    Enter Castor Oil! A recent research study demonstrated that glutathione was increased in rat ocular lenses when they were placed in castor oil, greater than in the ocular lenses placed in actual glutathione9! Incredible.

    We’ve known for eons that Castor Oil Packs aided in cleansing and detoxification but we weren’t sure exactly why. This eludes to the benefits of Castor Oil far beyond what we comprehended. This mystical oil is still surprising us and I’d bet there is more to come.

  4. Castor Oil Makes you Poo! By Stimulating Smooth Muscles of the Body.

    We all love a great poo. In fact there is nothing more pleasurable than poo, well perhaps a great orgasm! When we don’t poo frequently enough, we are recirculating in our bodies the junk that needs to come out. This builds our toxic load and predisposes us to problems like excess cholesterol, hormone imbalances and much more.

    Castor oil stimulates smooth muscle contraction via the prostaglandin EP3 receptors of the body10. Smooth muscle is what the intestines and guts are composed of, as is the uterus. Working with Castor Oil Packs stimulates these to move.

    One caution: Do not use Castor Oil Packs or castor oil while pregnant. It is unknown but it could possibly cause movement of the smooth muscle of the uterus, enough to terminate the pregnancy. Work with your knowledgeable practitioner on this one.

    Cleanliness is next to godliness and keeping your bowels moving and regular keeps you happier, healthier and in tune with your body. Instead of using laxatives, put on your Castor Oil Pack today! It’s proven to be just as effective and is a lot gentler on your system11.

  5. Castor Oil Promotes a Balanced Microbiome, Happy Gut, and Biofilm Breakdown.

    Having a healthy microbiome has massive implications for your overall health. Benefits include balanced mood, good bowel movements, reduced abdominal pain including bloating and gas, reduced physical inflammation, improvement of auto-immune and hormonal problems, the list goes on and on. A healthy microbiome is the one major determinant of your overall health.

    A very common issue for many people is overpopulation of bad gut bugs, or as I call them, “conbiotics”. They are con artists that take up residency in your gut and steal space from the good guys known as “probiotics”.

    Probiotics do great things for your body. They produce B vitamins and byproducts like butyrate which help to keep the gut really healthy. The conbiotics just wreak havoc. They can produce a protective layer called biofilm to keep them from being terminated. Biofilm can be so strong that it is almost impossible to kill off these conbiotics. If you are able to break down the biofilm then you have a much better chance of getting them out of your body and restoring the peace.

    Castor Oil is one of very few natural substances that can break down this barrier, as well as chemical biofilm breakers like sodium hypochlorite12. The probiotics you are taking are actually going to work better and provide you with super health if you are able to get rid of biofilm in your gut. Wow, you save money and feel better faster!

    Now that you know the benefits of practising a Castor Oil Pack regularly, it just makes sense to do it. These are all things that many of us are spending thousands of dollars to achieve. Use the Castor Oil Pack as a way to enhance all of the treatments, supplements and health tools that you are currently using. It’s your best next step to health.

As the Queen of the Thrones® and of castor oil here are the most common questions I get about Castor Oil Packs™.

1. How does Castor oil get through the skin?

The active component of castor oil is ricinoleic acid. Castor oil is composed approximately of 75-85% of this fatty acid. It has a molecular weight of 298 daltons. In dermatological medicine there is what is called the 500 Dalton Rule. Substances that are below 500 daltons can permeate through the lower layer of the epidermis, which is the top layer of the skin. It can then go deeper, into the dermis, that contains the blood and lymphatic vessels.

These are the superhighways of the body, transporting medicinal substances like Castor Oil into the body. Compression also helps to put tension on the skin, facilitating its deep penetration. So using the pack is a very important part of the treatment.

2. Do you need to use heat?

Heat is optional. Used as a modality in natural medicine, heat slows things down, so depending on your bowel function you can use it appropriately. If you go to the bathroom too much, add heat to slow things down. If you don’t go enough, let your own natural body heat do the job. If you have your period, use heat as it will help to relax the uterine spasms. Heat has been shown to only speed up the elimination of metabolites and not the rate of liver detoxification13.

3. Should I use my castor oil packs during my period?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, it will help with reduction of pain and cramping associated with your period. The concern was that the castor oil pack would make you bleed more. This is not the case, you will bleed what you have to bleed independent of the pack. The pack may speed up your period, but that could be of benefit if you’re off to a beach holiday!

4. Why Castor Oil Packs are so messy?

I don’t want to do them! You no longer have this excuse my friends. That’s exactly why I created the Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Pack™, to make it a simple 2-step process instead of a 12 step ordeal. The Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Pack™ attaches onto your body for ease of use.

5. How do I wash my Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Pack™?

You do not ever have to wash your pack, if you take care to only apply oil in the center of the pack away from the seams. If you do prefer to wash your pack when it becomes very saturated with oil, usually after 10-12 treatments, you may do so. Soak overnight in hot water with 4 tbsp. of baking soda, and 1/2 tsp. of clean, natural dish soap. In the morning wring it out and hand wash with the healthy dish soap. Place on the outside of an old tea towel that you don’t mind ruining and press out the castor oil. Continue to do this until the outside has very little to no oily residue.

6. How often do I need to replace my Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Pack™?

Things don’t last forever, but in general, with daily usage your pack should last 2-3 months. For those who care for it well or use less frequently, longer.

7. When is the best time to do the Castor Oil Packs?

There really is no best time, but it is best to do it DAILY! Before bed is ideal because the Queen of The Thrones® Castor Oil Packs™ relaxes your body and promotes an amazing sleep.

8. How long do I wear my Queen of The Thrones® Castor Oil Packs™ for?

Wear your Castor Oil Pack for a minimum of 1 hour each day, or ideally overnight.

9. What kind of material should I use for my Castor Oil Pack?

I recommend using organic cotton flannel for the side that touches your skin. Otherwise materials contain brominated flame retardants that are hormone14, nervous and immune system disrupting15 16. The Queen of The Thrones® Castor Oil Packs™ is made from organic cotton without flame retardants on the inside and a non-toxic barrier layer on the outside made from eco and health friendly poly-urethane (PUL).

10. Why Should I buy my Castor Oil in a glass bottle and organic?

Castor Oil is a carrier substance as well as a healing agent. In a plastic bottle, castor oil will grab onto the chemicals in plastic and bring it into your body. All oils should be in a glass bottle if you are using them in or on your body. Organic is simply because it is produced cleaner and has had less exposure to chemicals and pesticides.

11. How much Castor Oil do I use per treatment?

Each treatment requires a new application of the oil. You always want to start fresh and reapply. Apply 1-2 tbsp of Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil in the center of the pack, then fold in half using either side to blot the oil around. Be cautious not to get it in the seams as there are holes and the oil will permeate the pack if you do.

Are you eager to learn more about this legendary oil? For a limited time, Dr. Marisol, N.D. is offering her online course, Fit for a Queen, which is her comprehensive online program all about Castor Oil, for only $11 ($189 value). This course teaches Dr. Marisol, N.D.’s personal and clinical experience with Castor Oil, the history of Castor Oil, conventional and natural medicinal uses, beauty applications and tons of tips and tricks to incorporate this healing oil into your daily life. 


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25 Replies to “Do Castor Oil Packs Really Work? | They Are Making a Comeback!”

  1. Dr. Mariso…I started the nightly packs and i am waking up with severe headaches.is This detoX or do i need to cut back to maybe just an houR in the evenings?

    1. Hi Cindy, sometimes if things have been stagnant for some time castor oil packs can really get things moving and an mobilize toxins. They are known for increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage. Some people are a bit sensitive to this practice at the beginning for this reason. Always listen to your body’s love letters. You could try doing your pack for an hour before bed every few days to take a more gentle approach to this practice. Remember if you aren’t 100% sure, always touch base with your health practitioner because they are following your case directly.

  2. I just started using and daily overnight. I have estrogen doMinance, digestIve issues, slow metaboliser/detoxer, and Menorrhagia and acne. On average how long before i see results? Thx

    1. Hi Celeste, good for you for making your health a priority! As every person is biochemically unique, everyone responds differently to the castor oil pack practice, as with any health practice. Some people notice improvements in days, some can take weeks or even months to notice a change. I encourage you to stick to your practice because even if it doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything, the science is clear that these packs are super great for your body.
      I encourage you not to lose hope and stick to your practice. When the body is imbalanced, it’s often taken a long time to get to that point, so sometimes it can take a long time to bring it back into balance.

      1. For some reason your system is only allowing me to type in capitals.
        A well written comprehensive article, with much detail
        I would add that moist heat is essential to enhance both the absorption of the oil, and the relaxation of the tissues underlying. Moist heat being far more effective than dry heat.
        a clean cotton or wool cloth soaked in warm castor oil, plastic wrap wrapped gently but firmly around the body to hold the oil cloth in place & seal it from the air.
        then the addition of a hot water bottle. relaxing for 30 to 45 mins
        there is a system of castor oil application that is recommended for all..3 days on , 4 days off.
        and a colonic irrigation or cool catnip tea enema after the third day of castor oil pack. More often if needed.
        Edgar cayce ‘the sleeping prophet’ was the man who first brought americas attention to the value of castor oil, and liver packs
        he wrote a number of books. his work was of such value that two american presidents sought consultations with him
        i find that ‘the further one moves from the sourc, the more distorted information becomes’
        with due respect, i suggest one might consider reading his books in relation to castor oil
        i have worked in clinics with chronically ill patients. in all cases we found the castor oil packs, combined with colonics/coffee enemas, raw vegetable juices & foods. And regular massage with scented oil brought relief and improved the quality of life for even the most infirm.
        thankyou for your time

        1. Edgar Cayce is a great teacher of ours, and as the father of the castor oil pack in North America, his research and teachings are part of the foundation for our castor oil practice. We have spent 10 years carefully designing the Queen of the Thrones™ castor oil pack to be the only less-mess, heat-less castor oil pack on the market made from the healthiest materials possible to create a design that is lightweight, effective and easy to use. The materials used for the pack are unbleached organic cotton and an eco-friendly PUL for the outer layer; it is this outer layer which holds in natural body heat very well so that additional heat is not required and plastic does not touch the skin. The goal was to make this practice more accessible and convenient for our patients, as many people don’t want to spend so much time/mess doing the DIY packs.
          Our castor oil is always extra-virgin, organic, cold-pressed and hexane-free and always bottled in a glass bottle. We never use castor oil packaged in a plastic bottle as it may leach the chemicals from the plastic and carry them into the body.
          We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. We are always learning, growing & adapting our practice and we appreciate hearing how you do your castor oil pack practice.

  3. Greetings Dr. Marisol, i am just beginning to read about these packs and actually have purchased Organic Castor Oil, cold pressed, Hexane free, glass bottle, with organic cotton flannel. Now I am going to wait to hear from you regarding a cleanse. I have no idea what that would be like. I have been undergoing Accupuncture treatments for about three week specifically for liver and gall bladder ‘unhappiness’. I have begun to see some results. I would like to try these packs and just need to know if I am doing too much with Accupuncture and the packs and potentially a cleanse. Look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Thanks for reaching out to us Kris and we are so glad that you are going to start using castor oil packs for better health! If you are looking for a cleanse that is right for you, I would recommend finding a naturopath or holistic nutritionist in your area that can help to support you with this.


  5. DR. Marisol,
    I reCEiVed your castor oil bundle last week, anD i have used It over night for 3 consecutiVe nights. I have been exPeriencing diarrhea. Is this normal aT the bEginning? I was using packs in oCt-Early dec, bUT took a break before trying yoUrs. I Did not experience this severe of a toxic flush before. AnY advice? Thank you for doing what you do!!

    1. Thanks for reaching out Arianna! While I would not be able to comment on your case specifically as you are not a patient of ours, sometimes this is just the body moving stuff out that doesn’t need to be there. This typically passes as the body clears. In these cases it is best to start slower, say an hour per day, and work your way up to longer use. Adding a heat source such as a hot water bottle over top of the castor oil pack also helps to slow things down!


    1. Thanks for reaching out to me Nanay!
      Castor oil packs help you to cleanse so it is always important to make sure that you’re drinking lots of water (more than normal if feeling constipated), eating lots of fiber and lots of healthy fats (like avocado, coconut, olive oil, etc). Here is a video about what I call the “Three Legged Stool” https://www.instagram.com/p/BpI04OZACIN/ for bowel movement success that you may find helpful!
      It is best to start slowly with 1 tbsp of castor oil and using the pack for only 1 hour per day, increasing as you feel comfortable to overnight, every night.

  7. Hello! I did my first pack last night and I woke up at 4 am feeling nauseated. 3 1/2 hours later–I still feel sick. Is this a good or bad sign? 😆Is it Getting the junk moving?!

    1. Thanks for reaching out and sharing your experience Rachel!
      While I cannot comment on your case specifically because you are not a patient, in my clinical practice some of my patients have experienced nausea when first starting to use castor oil packs because toxins are starting to move out. In cases like this it is best to start slower using your pack for 1 hour in the evenings before bed a few times a week and increasing to overnight, every night as you feel comfortable.

  8. Hi there, I’ve noticed more abdominal noises and gas (not uncomfortable, just an increase) since I started using the pack. Three days now. I feel fine, BMs are great, but I was just curious about this and if it’s typical.


    1. Hey Jean – Great question, Although we cannot comment on your case specifically – Castor oil packs help to move things out which our body doesn’t need. As it begins to mobilize toxins, sometimes people can experience headaches, dizziness and abdominal noises (gurgling sounds) if the body is not eliminated optimally. This will balance out with continued use as the pack helps to regulate the bowels and keep toxins flowing out of the body! Keep up with the amazing work, Queen.

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