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Connect to your body, your source, and your purpose through ancient self‑care rituals that have been innovated and modernized. Queen of the Thrones® is a team of superheroes who’ve made it our mission to help others around the world wake up like new every day with easy health and happiness practices.

We offer top‑of‑the‑line products and support which makes this company so unique. By actively listening to our customers, we gain an understanding of what tools will serve YOU best. We continually strive to make ancient practices convenient and easy to make sure your journey to higher health is smooth sailing.

Our organic heatless, less‑mess, ready‑to‑wear Castor Oil Liver Pack, designed by a naturopathic doctor is the healing backbone to many of our practices. Visit our shop to discover the products that are best for your unique self‑care needs.

From our self‑care products and practices to our online “Queendom” community and support groups, everything is designed so even someone with complex health mysteries will find a path to victory. Wherever you are in your healing journey, your self‑care sidekick Mary is here to guide you, because we’re better together, agreed?

“Queen of the Thrones® completely changed my life with the Castor Oil Pack kit and now I will never go back. It’s become my favorite “get ready” for bed part of my routine and honestly I sleep 1000% better. Thank you for making this truly something that I value in my life AND that improves the quality of my life.”

-Mary Ellen K. Queen of the Thrones®️ Customer.

Do you ever feel so great that it almost feels like you’re walking on sunshine but then you wake up the next day feeling groggy and exhausted with the weight of the whole world on your shoulders?

Well, you’re in the right place, my friend. May we introduce you to your new Self-Care Sidekick, Mary. Who’s Mary, you ask? Well, Mary is the angel on your shoulder, cheering you on, helping you create your own simple self-care rituals so you can wake up like new like the ray of sunshine

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Sleeping better, pooping better, more energy!

“These products have changed my life! I’m sleeping better, pooping better, and have so much more energy!”

Sarah S.

Feeling Better After Just a Few Days

“I have only used my castor oil pack for a few days and I’m already seeing improvements with so many things…my energy, my mood, my sleep, my libido, my digestion… I literally have gone weeks before without a bowel movement and I have had one every day since I started this nightly ritual.”

Trisha N.

Overall Sense of Feeling Better

“After the first weeks of use, I’m already experiencing noticeable results in my tummy bloating, my digestive regularity, reduced back spasms, and just an overall sense of feeling better. I do love how easy it is to incorporate this practice: I wear it at night for 2 or 3 days, take a day off, and then start over again. Thank you … as someone who suffers from severe disk issues, you may have very well changed my life!”

Rochelle C.

Better Bowel Movements, Deeper Sleep, Honestly Glowing Skin!

“I immediately saw results after just a couple of days of wearing the castor oil pack during sleep. I noticed better bowel movements, deeper sleep, and honestly glowing skin! Wish I discovered it sooner, but better late than never.”


Fixed My Circadian Rhythm… Wake Up Not Bloated!

“Love love love this castor oil pack! It has completely changed my sleep schedule and fixed my circadian rhythm where I am now falling asleep and waking up at the same time each day. I sleep much deeper and dream vividly when wearing the castor oil pack and wake up not bloated (highly recommend wearing it over night regularly)! This pack has also made my bowel movements regular and I no longer feel consistently constipated or feel the need to take loads of magnesium each day. I even have my mom on the castor oil pack bandwagon and she is feeling so much better as well with her overall health.”


Wake Up The Next Morning Feeling Lighter & Less Inflamed

“This pack has really made a difference with the bloating, upset stomach and overall “full” feeling I have been dealing with for years. It’s a great companion to a healthy diet and exercise, but it can also help when you’re too stressed out or just struggling to maintain the often exhausting healthy living mindset. I wear the pack to bed when I’m feeling my worst, and wake up the next morning feeling lighter and less inflamed. So glad I found this!”

Catherine D.

Waking Up On My Own Feeling More Refreshed

“Within one week of using the pack overnight every night I’m already sleeping deeper, remembering dreams, waking up on my own feeling more refreshed, and going to the bathroom more easily! And it literally takes only a minute of my time to put the pack on each evening.”

Kaitlin K.

Deep Sleep and Less Anxiety

“I have experienced several things from using the pack one being a deep sleep and less anxiety. With all that is happening in our world right now I can count on the oil to sooth my nerves at night and wake refreshed from a deep sleep.”

Lisa P.

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