Is Castor Oil Comedogenic and Will it Clog My Pores?

Is Castor Oil Comedogenic and Will it Clog My Pores?

Queen of the Thrones Castor Oil open the skin pores

Is Castor Oil Comedogenic and Will it Clog My Pores?

Written by: Joanna Teljeur B.A.

Medically reviewed by: Victoria Williams R.H.N.

Est. reading time: 7 minutes

Thick and luscious, Castor Oil feels glorious on your skin, especially when you smooth it on your face before bed. It’s rich texture alone makes you feel like your skin will plump up beautifully overnight. 

Maybe you’ve felt like slathering this golden oil filled with skin-loving fatty acids onto your face, letting the vitamins and nutrients do their handiwork. 

But then, you might have stopped suddenly and thought: “Wait a minute! Castor Oil is so thick and rich, will it clog my pores?”

Is this you? 

If you’re worried that Castor Oil could clog your pores, you’re not alone. There’s been plenty of confusion and debate about whether Castor Oil can clog pores or cause acne. But rest easy, because in this blog, we’ll explore the comedogenicity of Castor Oil, and delve into the reasons why it has been heralded as an amazing skin elixir, thanks to its rich composition of vitamins and fatty acids.

Find out what are the benefits of Queen of the Thrones Castor Oil

Key Points:

    • Castor Oil is a non-comedogenic oil with a rating of 0-1, meaning it is not likely to clog your pores.
    • Castor Oil has natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities that may help support healthier looking skin
    • Castor Oil is an amazing moisturizer, and it is safe for most skin types.

Will Castor Oil clog my pores?

OK – the short answer: Castor Oil has a comedogenic rating of 0-11, which means that it most likely will not clog your pores or cause skin irritation. Or put another way, Castor Oil is a non-comedogenic oil.

What does comedogenic mean?

Comedogenicity refers to the ability of a substance, typically found in skincare and cosmetic products, to clog pores and potentially cause comedones. Comedones are non-inflammatory acne lesions more commonly known as pimples! 

Yes, we’re talking about those all-too-familiar blackheads and whiteheads that show themselves when your hair follicles become blocked by excess oil, dead skin cells, and other debris. So, if something is non-comedogenic, it means that it will not contribute to clogged pores and breakouts. Castor Oil is non-comedogenic.

What makes a substance comedogenic?

A substance is comedogenic if it blocks pores and results in comedones – AKA pimples. It’s important to remember that individual ingredients can be non-comedogenic but may become comedogenic when mixed with other substances. For example, Castor Oil is non-comedogenic, but if you mix it with beeswax or red dye (as many cosmetics do), then the mixture can be pore-clogging.

What is the comedogenic scale?

The comedogenic scale is a rating from 0 to 5. Simply put, if a substance has a rating of 0 it is considered non-comedogenic, meaning that it is less likely to clog your pores. Substances with higher ratings are more likely to cause clogged pores and lead to pimples, acne, breakouts, zits, and whatever else you choose to call those dreaded lesions.

But again, if you love Castor Oil, you’re in luck because it has a very low comedogenic rating. So chances are, you can use it as a makeup remover and moisturizer and know that it will not contribute to breakouts!

Queen of the Thrones vegetarian oil comedogenic scale

Understanding the comedogenicity of skincare and cosmetic products is especially important if you’re prone to acne or if you have sensitive skin. So, if this is you, be sure to look for non-comedogenic products that will minimize the risk of pore clogging, like organic Castor Oil.

Download these 4 easy do-it-yourself Castor Oil Recipes for skin, hair & nails to try for yourself.

Is Castor Oil good for skin

So, now you know that despite the thick and viscous nature of Castor Oil, it has a very low comedogenic rating. But you might be thinking, How can a rich, thick oil like Castor Oil NOT clog my pores? 

Castor Oil is an ancient, versatile, and beloved vegetable oil that has been used for centuries for its numerous self-care and beauty benefits, and one of its most popular applications is in skincare. 

While it might be extra thick and even sticky, Castor Oil may help balance the bacteria that live on the surface of your skin to prevent future breakouts. Why? Because Castor Oil has natural  antibacterial properties2, and your skin has its own microbiome. 

But let’s take a closer look at the main components of Castor Oil and what makes it so well suited for skincare.

Queen of the Thrones skin loving nutrients in Castor oil

  1. Ricinoleic acid

Castor Oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, and by rich, we’re talking like 85-92% of the total fatty acid3 content. And this is especially impressive when you consider that ricinoleic acid is known for its remarkable anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. When you apply it to your skin, ricinoleic acid may support irritation, reduce redness, and alleviate inflammation4, making it an excellent choice if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin. 

  1. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that plays a crucial role in protecting the skin from free radicals and environmental damage. Castor oil contains a significant amount of vitamin E,5 which helps in maintaining skin health and preventing premature aging. The antioxidant properties of vitamin E can also aid in reducing the appearance of scars and blemishes.

  1. Omega Fatty Acids

Castor Oil contains essential omega fatty acids, such as omega-6 and omega-9. These fatty acids are vital for maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier, keeping it hydrated and nourished. Castor Oil also contains high percentages of other fatty acids including linoleic, oleic, stearic, palmitic, dihydroxystearic acid, linolenic acid, and eicosanoic acid6.

  1. Polyphenols

Polyphenols are a group of natural compounds found in various plant-based foods, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, tea, dark chocolate, and wine. These compounds have antioxidant properties, enabling them to counteract harmful free radicals that might otherwise damage your cells and elevate the risk of disease.

Polyphenols are believed to support inflammation balance which is very important for clear, radiant skin.

Who should use Castor Oil for skincare?

Castor Oil works beautifully as part of a general skincare routine. If you have mature or very dry skin, then you’ll especially love its moisturizing qualities. 

If your skin is oily, then you might only want to use Castor Oil on your face a couple of times a week, because while Castor Oil is non-comedogenic and won’t clog pores, it is an oil. We’re all biochemically unique, so try it on a small area of your skin first to see how it feels. 

If you have acne, then Castor Oil may help support the inflammation. Keep in mind that acne can be fungal or bacterial. Castor Oil may work better for bacterial acne, but if you have the fungal variety, any oil could potentially exacerbate your symptoms. Again, you may want to try it on a small area of your skin first to be sure if Castor Oil is right for you.

How to use Castor Oil for skincare

Are you ready to add Castor Oil to your skincare routine? Interestingly, you might be using Castor Oil already without even realizing it. You see, Castor Oil has been used as an ingredient in cosmetics, shampoos, soaps, bath oils, and countless other products for many years! 

But if you want to add this luscious oil to your skin in its pure form, then stick to brands that are 100% pure, organic, hexane-free, cold or expeller pressed, and bottled in amber glass. 

Why? Because the quality of the oil contributes to its comedogenicity. Basically, if a substance is impure, it could clog your pores.


Main features of Queen of the Thrones Castor Oil

Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil is ideal for direct use on your skin and especially on your delicate facial skin because it is:

    • 100% pure,
    • Certified organic 
    • Extra virgin
    • Hexane-free
    • Bottled in amber glass

Better still, Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil is sourced by a naturopathic doctor and recommended by thousands of functional medicine practitioners, chiropractors, osteopaths, mental health doctors, health coaches, and wellness influencers who all include it as a foundational part of their practice.  

Castor Oil can be added to your skincare routine in a number of ways:

    • As a moisturizer: The fatty acids may help retain moisture, giving your skin that plump look we all love. It’s especially helpful if your skin is overly dry as it may help give your skin the nutrients it craves. And if you already have well balanced skin, then Castor Oil may help support this balance.
    • A facial cleanser: Castor Oil has naturally occurring antibacterial properties that make it ideal as a gentle cleanser and make-up remover.
Queen of the Thrones Castor oil for different uses for skincare
  • As part of a face mask: The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties in Castor Oil allow it to help dissolve impurities on your skin like make-up residue, while adding moisture and a protective barrier to help your skin stay hydrated.

  • Around your eyes for fine lines and wrinkles: Because Castor Oil is so rich and thick, it works especially well around your eyes to help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. To maximize the benefits, you can wear a Castor Oil Eye Compress to bed at night. Wearing an eye compress to bed may even help support a deeper sleep while it adds moisture to the delicate skin around your eyes.
Castor Oil is an amazing moisturizer –  it has even been known to help reduce the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation7. In rare cases, a hypersensitivity reaction may occur, in which case you should discontinue use. 

If you’d love a little inspiration, you could start by trying this amazing recipe: 

Castor Oil Golden Mask: A Face Mask to Support Clear Skin

Prep time: 5 minutes


    • 2 teaspoons of Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil
    • 1 egg yolk: Provides zinc to soothe and Vitamin A for dry skin
    • 1 tablespoon of raw honey: Honey has natural antibacterial properties which may help keep pimples at bay.


  1. Mix ingredients until it is smooth and spreadable 
  2. Apply the mixture to your face (avoiding your eyes), and leave it on for 15-30 minutes
  3. Using a warm washcloth, remove the mask until no residue is left. 
  4. Follow with your favorite moisturizer, or apply Castor Oil to target areas like wrinkles, frown lines, eyelashes, and eyebrows before bed.
  5. You can also deepen this practice by wearing the Eye Compress while you sleep.

So there you have it. Castor Oil is generally non-comedogenic and unlikely to block pores for most people. Its unique composition, including ricinoleic acid, vitamin E, omega fatty acids, and polyphenols, makes it a valuable addition to your skincare routine. 

Are you a practitioner, health coach or wellness influencer? If you’re interested in recommending our easy-to-use tools and practically applying them in your health and wellness professional practice, in clinic, or online with the people you serve, you can join now!

Click here for references

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Nurturing Self-Love and Holistic Well-Being: A Comprehensive Guide to Breast Care

Nurturing Self-Love and Holistic Well-Being: A Comprehensive Guide to Breast Care

Nurturing Self Love and Holistic Well Being A Comprehensive Guide to Breast Care by Queen of the Thrones

Nurturing Self-Love and Holistic Well-Being: A Comprehensive Guide to Breast Care

Written by: Joanna Teljeur B.A.

Reviewed by:  Victoria Williams R.H.N.

Est. reading time: 7 minutes

“Many doctors over the centuries came to understand that emotions are deeply implicated in the causation of illness or in the restoration of health. 

They did research, wrote books and challenged the reigning medical ideology, but repeatedly their ideas, explorations and insights vanished in a sort of medical Bermuda Triangle. 

The understanding of the mind-body connection achieved by previous generations of doctors and scientists disappeared without a trace, as if it had never seen daylight.” 

– Dr. Gabor Mate, MD


Have you ever thought about how our society and culture views breasts? While mammary glands seem to be the focus of sexuality, they actually embody much more in our collective psyche. 

What are we talking about? Well, the breasts represent fertility, nurturing care, self-love, motherly love, giving, and the list goes on. But the common theme here is love and self-care. So how does this tie-in with breast issues? Stay with me…

The root of your breast issues

According to Louise Hay, breast issues often stem from a, “refusal to nourish the self”1. As women, we tend to focus so much on the care, love, and welfare of others and leave self-care as our last priority. Can you relate?

Think about how often you put your needs last. Take a minute and consider how much genuine love and care you direct inward. Are you constantly giving too much to others? Are you always putting others’ needs before your own? If this is you and you struggle with good breast health, be sure to take time to give your body and soul the nurturing it deserves.

Of course it’s easier said than done, but try to find sustainable ways to look after yourself at least as much as you do others, and you might begin to notice some positive changes begin to take place.

Care for your body, and your soul will shine. And remember, your breasts are your amazing companions on your life journey! They deserve not only physical care but also a touch of spiritual and energetic nourishment. 

So, grab a comfy blanket, brew a cup of your favorite tea, and join me on an exploration of holistic breast care that will leave you feeling absolutely radiant, both inside and out.

What to avoid for breast wellness

Let’s start with the everyday substances that you’re likely to encounter. You can really make some positive changes for your breasts, and your well-being in general, by making a few adjustments to certain daily exposures. So, whether it’s eliminating dietary substitutions or toxic chemicals, here are a few tips to get you started.

Three things to avoid for breasts health by Queen of the Thrones
1. Stay away from xenoestrogens  It’s a crazy-looking term, right? But basically, xenoestrogens are foreign estrogens found in many everyday items including some food containers, skincare products, and even building supplies. They disrupt your hormones and have been linked to breast cancer 2,3. When possible, try to avoid industrial pollutants, pesticides, and non-organic meat and dairy. 2. Minimize or avoid alcohol Who doesn’t enjoy a drink at the end of a stressful day? It’s understandable, but you might want to keep alcohol consumption on the moderate side of moderate, or just try to avoid alcohol altogether.  Why ditch the tipple?  A 2013 study found that moderate alcohol consumption can be linked to a 30-50% risk for breast cancer4. So, while a drink now and then might be enjoyable, your breasts will appreciate a little less hooch.  

3. Avoid the overuse of antiperspirants

Part of having a healthy body and healthy breasts is also having healthy cleansing and detox systems. It’s important to allow your body to sweat, and this means avoiding antiperspirants as much as possible. 

Most antiperspirants contain aluminum, which has also been studied in relation to breast cancer, though more research is needed in this area2. Still, if this cannot be avoided, you can try an “armpit detox” routine.

Holistic and spiritual practices for breast wellness

So, if you’ve tried all the conventional approaches and want to tap into some other methods for breast care, you can always turn to more spiritual and holistic methods. If it sounds too strange or woo-woo, no worries because you’re not alone. 

However, consider this: Ancient cultures understood that the mind, body, and soul couldn’t be separated. They knew that, to keep the body in balance, they had to treat the entire system, and that meant the mind and soul in addition to the physical body. Fascinating, agreed? So, let’s take a look at a few holistic ways to support better breast wellness.

Crystals: Energetic Allies on Your Journey

The world of crystals offers a magical playground for your energetic nourishment. And when you seek the calming embrace of certain crystals like rose quartz or moonstone, you may be giving the girls some positive energetic juju.

Here’s what to do: During meditation, hold these crystals close to your chest, or wear them as talismans throughout the day to infuse your being with their calming energies.

Remember, your breasts are located right in the center of your 4th or Heart Chakra which is the focal point for feelings of love, gratitude, empathy, compassion, self-love, and forgiveness. 

When this Chakra becomes blocked or stagnant, dis-ease and illness can follow. So look for pink or green stones – the colors of the 4th Chakra – to infuse the mystical into your breast health routine.

Stones to support the 4th Heart Chakra

  • Milky Quartz
  • Moonstone
  • Pink Calcite
  • Peridot
  • Rose Quartz
Heart chakra diagram by Queen of the Thrones

The Castor Oil Connection: A Ritual of Renewal

Castor Oil and Castor Oil Packs are legendary self-care tools that date back to ancient Egyptian times. This time-honored technique is believed to support lymphatic circulation and detoxification for your whole body, so in this way, wearing a Castor Oil Liver, Pelvic, or Thyroid Pack may support your breasts indirectly. But for a more direct approach, try Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Packs for Breasts. They’re made with an inner layer of 100% organic cotton flannel, an outer less-mess layer, and easily slip inside an old bra for your simple self-care practice.  If you experience breast pain, known as mastalgia, you may benefit from Castor Oil applied to your breasts because of its inflammation-balancing properties 5.

Oils and Massage: Connecting to your heart center

Self-massage is a wonderful, relaxing practice, but breast self-massage offers some truly amazing self-care benefits.

Imagine that your palms are conduits of warmth and love, gently massaging your breasts in tender, circular motions. Close your eyes, feel the energy radiating from your hands, and visualize it infusing your chest area with a sense of serenity and love. This is more than a massage; it’s an intimate connection between you and your body, a sacred dialogue of love.

With Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil as a carrier, you can add a few drops of essential oils of frankincense, pine needle, or geranium, to take your breast massage to new heights. Why? Because these three essential oils were shown to help suppress breast cancer cell viability, migration, and invasion.6

As you apply these oils to your chest, imagine them carrying messages of healing and tenderness, anointing your body as the sacred temple it is. 

Try this amazing breast oil recipe. Not only is it wonderful for supporting your beautiful breasts, but it’s an olfactory delight that will soothe you into a wonderful state of relaxation. 

Breast Oil Blend with Queen of the Thrones® Organic Castor Oil (Besa’s recipe)

This herbal oil blend combines the benefits of Organic Castor Oil with the aromatic goodness of geranium, pine needle, and frankincense essential oils. The provided ratios ensure that the essential oils are used in safe and appropriate amounts.

Queen of the Thrones Castor Oil Breast Recipe


  • 1/4 cup Queen of the Thrones® Organic Castor Oil
  • 5 drops Geranium Essential Oil: Floral scent that helps balance emotions
  • 5 drops Pine Needle Essential Oil: Provides a fresh, invigorating aroma that promotes a sense of clarity
  • 5 drops Frankincense Essential Oil: Calming, resinous scent known for its skin-supporting properties


  1. In a clean glass container, measure out 1/4 cup of Queen of the Thrones® Organic Castor Oil. 
  2. Using a dropper, add 5 drops each of geranium, pine needle, and frankincense essential oils to the Castor Oil. These essential oils bring their unique aromas and benefits to the blend.
  3. Gently stir the mixture with a clean utensil to ensure that the essential oils are evenly distributed within the Castor Oil. Avoid vigorous stirring to prevent excessive aeration.

Application: Patch test before using. Can be applied to dry or slightly damp skin. Massage a small amount of the blend onto the desired area using gentle, circular motions. This blend can be used for a breast massage, or as a moisturizing body/massage oil.

Storage: Store the oil blend in a sealed glass container at room temperature in a dark place to help preserve the potency of the essential oils. Ensure the lid is tightly closed after each use.

Notes: This blend is intended for external use only. If you are pregnant, nursing, or have any medical conditions, consult a healthcare professional before using essential oils. Always perform a patch test before using the blend on a larger area of skin. In rare cases, a hypersensitivity reaction may occur, in which case discontinue use. Always consult your healthcare professional to ensure this or any practice is right for you. The provided essential oil ratios are considered safe, but if you have sensitive skin, you can start with fewer drops and adjust to your preference.

Tea Time: Sip Your Way to Inner Harmony

Tea isn’t just a beverage; it’s a comforting balm for your heart and soul. But sipping certain tea may give you the extra benefit of supporting the health of your breasts! Let’s take a look.

Matcha Made from ground green tea leaves, Matcha contains antioxidant substances that may help support breast health. Interestingly, Matcha contains even more antioxidants than blueberries or goji berries! Plus, one study found that green tea leaves contain EGCG and quercetin that seem to have an “anticarcinogenic effect on estrogen receptor-positive and negative breast cancer cells”.7 Holy Basil  Holy Basil has been seen as a sacred plant since ancient times. It’s also known as Tulsi, which translates from Hindi as “the incomparable one” – which seems to be true especially when you look at its potential to support breast health. A study found that Holy Basil may help slow down breast cancer growth and keep breast cancer cells from proliferating8. So, if you’re looking for an afternoon cuppa, by all means, pour yourself a mug full of Holy Basil tea. Lemon Balm As humble as it may sound, Lemon Balm has been used as a soothing tonic for frayed nerves for hundreds of years. It’s also been used for its digestive and sleep-inducing properties. But in more recent times, this aromatic wonder has been shown to have chemical properties that prevent breast cancer progression 9.
Breast health tea recipes by Queen of the Thrones

Tapping into Holistic Healing

Have you ever heard of Tapping? Also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), tapping is exactly what it sounds like. You literally use your fingertips to tap on specific locations on your body. It’s believed to help release blocked energy or Qi that, if left stagnant, could lead to dis-ease and illness. 

At the same time, by encouraging the flow of Qi you can support lymphatic drainage which is always a benefit to your body’s detox function. Amazing, don’t you think?

So when it comes to breast health, you can incorporate these spiritual and energetic practices for a holistic approach to full body wellness. 

Are you a practitioner, health coach or wellness influencer? If you’re interested in recommending our easy-to-use tools and practically applying them in your health and wellness professional practice, in clinic, or online with the people you serve, you can join now!

Click here for references

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6 ways to Harness Breast Wellness with the Power of Castor Oil

6 ways to Harness Breast Wellness with the Power of Castor Oil

Harnessing Breast Wellness with the Power of Queen of the Thrones Castor Oil

6 ways to Harness Breast Wellness with the Power of Castor Oil

Written by: Besa Berberi, Holistic Nutritionist

Medically reviewed by: Victoria Williams R.H.N.

Est. reading time: 7 minutes

Do you love your breasts?

Have you ever noticed how little women talk about truly loving their breasts? It’s a rarity, that’s for sure. More often than not, women are stuck in the constant battle of comparisons- scrutinizing their reflection. 

They stare into the mirror, lifting one breast, and then the other, caught in the never-ending dance of ‘wishes and wants’. These wishes echo in their minds like a haunting melody… 

“If only they were fuller, smaller, more lifted…”

In the mirror’s gaze, these contours on a woman’s body tell an untold story. They embody more than meets the eye. They are not just ‘breasts’, their purpose radiates softly through the ages, nurturing future generations to come.

Women are so quick to see stretch marks as unsightly, when those very marks are a testament of resilience and sacrifice. Every curve tells a chapter, each imperfection speaks of transformation, growth and the gift of time on this earth.

The truth? Our breasts deserve acceptance and unconditional love. So let’s celebrate these symbols of life. Silence the comparisons and replace those thoughts with the power of self-love.

How to Nurture Your Breasts with Castor Oil Packs

Have you ever wondered if your breasts could benefit from Castor Oil Packs?

You love your cozy Castor Oil Pack on your liver that helps you drift off into a deep sleep every night. And today, we’re excited to introduce a unique upgrade to a time-tested self-care practice: Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Packs for Breasts.

This natural approach to breast care has gained interest over the years, but here at Queen of the Thrones®, we’re always thinking, “How can we make it better?” We have revolutionized the experience with our unique, user-friendly design, which means less mess and more convenience.

This blog will tell you everything you need to know about our Castor Oil Packs for Breasts, including what they are, how they offer unique benefits, who can benefit from them, and how to use them.

Would you love 2 easy Castor Oil Recipes for breast wellness?

What are Castor Oil Packs for Breasts?

If you already know and love Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Packs, you probably already know that it’s a timeless practice that was popularized in the early 1900s by Edgar Cayce5.

This traditional natural wellness practice involves applying Castor Oil to a cotton compress and wearing it on the body to support liver detox, deeper sleep, less stress, better bowel movements, and more. Similarly, applying a compress to the breasts offers targeted benefits because of the lymph nodes surrounding breast tissue. But we’ll get into the benefits of lymphatic drainage a bit later.

What’s so unique about our Breast Packs?

Our Castor Oil Packs for Breasts are crafted with a similar design philosophy to the original Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Packs, but with a unique twist! We’ve carefully designed these packs to fit comfortably under bras, ensuring discreet and seamless integration into your everyday routine, but without compromising on any Castor Oil benefits, of course.

Each Castor Oil Pack is still made of an organic cotton inner layer and less-mess outer layer, but we’ve added an easy button with elastic to secure the packs into place in any bra of your choice. Now you can embrace this convenience as you go about your day.

Are the Beast Packs suitable for all types of breasts?

The perfect breast doesn’t exist. We all come in unique shapes and sizes, and so do our breasts. That’s why our Castor Oil Packs for Breasts are made for any breast size, including small breast (for A-C cup sizes), and large breast (for D+ cup sizes) options. Choose the best fit for you!

How do Castor Oil Packs support your breasts?

Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil is great for a relaxing breast massage, here are 6 additional perks of using Castor Oil Packs for Breasts.

  1. Conditions and moisturizes skin. Skin care isn’t just limited to face and body. Your breasts are just as important. Castor Oil’s emollient nature and skin-loving antioxidants help nourish and moisturize the delicate skin of your breasts, supporting softness and suppleness.5

  3. May support lymphatic drainage. Congested lymph can affect all areas of the body, including breasts. Castor Oil Packs, applied to the breasts, are thought to support circulation, assisting in the removal of toxins and waste products away from the breast tissue.1 3 7
Queen of the Thrones Castor Oil Packs supports your breasts health

3. May support detoxification. Did you know that Castor Oil may help with preserving glutathione, your body’s master detoxification agent?8 Glutathione is an antioxidant that pulls toxins from our body2, and with toxins all around us, it’s no wonder that it may get depleted so quickly.

    • 4. May support less stress. The gentle compression of the pack on your breast may promote the love and connection hormone, oxytocin11, similar to a weighted blanket or a warm hug. Oxytocin helps balance cortisol (the stress hormone) and naturally shifts the body into the relaxed state9. Think of it like a natural, nurturing embrace for your bosom!


    • 5. May support inflammation balance. Castor Oil contains 90% ricinoleic acid, a fatty acid that has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties10. The warm and soothing nature of the Castor Oil Packs, combined with the inflammation-balancing benefits of ricinoleic acid, may provide temporary relief for women experiencing discomfort.

    • 6. May support breast wellness. A study on an extract made from the fruit of the castor bean plant demonstrates an ability to trigger apoptosis (cell death) of breast cancer cells. Specifically, the extract was found to inhibit cancer cell motility, adhesion and invasion6. 


Who can benefit from Castor Oil Packs for Breasts?

Most women can benefit from Castor Oil Packs for Breasts. Just like your liver and pelvic region, your breasts need equal amounts of care and attention. However, it’s essential to consider individual circumstances.

How to Breast Packs by Queen of the Thrones

Here are some factors to keep in mind:

    •  Pregnancy – Pregnant women should avoid using Castor Oil Packs in general. Always consult with a healthcare professional for guidance during these stages.
    • Lactation – If you’re breastfeeding, make sure to completely wash off any Castor Oil from your nipples/breasts before feeding so your baby doesn’t ingest any oil.
    • Radiation treatments – Castor Oil is very nourishing and emollient for the skin, but it should not be applied before or after radiotherapy because it could ‘fry’ like oil. You should wait for at least a 12 hour period before and after radiotherapy before applying Castor Oil.
    • Sensitivities or allergies – If you have a known sensitivity or allergy to Castor Oil, it’s best to refrain from using it. You can perform a patch test on a small area of skin before applying it to your breast to check for any adverse reactions.
    • Breast implants or surgeries – If you have breast implants or have undergone recent breast surgeries, consult with your healthcare provider before using Castor Oil Packs for Breasts. They can provide personalized advice based on your specific situation.

In addition to your new Castor Oil Breast Packs, download these  2 easy Castor Oil Recipes for breast wellness! 

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