Dry Brushing Benefits: Support Your Wellness with This Simple Practice

Dry Brushing Benefits: Support Your Wellness with This Simple Practice

Benefits-of-Supporting your Lymphatic Drainage with Queen of the Thrones Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing Benefits: Support Your Wellness with This Simple Practice

Written by: Victoria Williams R.H.N.

Est. reading time: 7 minutes

Discover dry brushing and learn how this simple practice may help support smoother skin, better circulation, and lymphatic drainage.

You wake up feeling groggy, then shuffle to the bathroom, look in the mirror, and notice that your eyes are puffy and swollen… AGAIN! Is this your morning experience?

If this is you, then you would love dry brushing your skin!

You might have heard the term, dry brushing for exfoliation tossed around in conversation, but you’re not sure what it is or how it could benefit your health? Well, here’s the thing: While dry brushing is great for your skin, it’s even better for supporting your overall wellness!

Let’s jump right in to the details of this time-tested practice and learn how you can maximize its benefits by combining it with Castor Oil.

What is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that’s been around for thousands of years. It’s thought to help support circulation, lymphatic drainage, and also helps exfoliate your skin to keep it glowing.

And dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like. You are literally brushing your dry skin with a brush.

Recommended by naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, functional medicine practitioners, osteopaths, health coaches, and wellness influencers, dry brushing is a foundational part of their patient care programs. 


Because your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it plays an important role in every internal organ system. When you stimulate your skin with a dry brush, the soft pressure and circular motion may help support your lymphatic system and internal organs to begin their cleansing and detoxing functions.

When you add organic Castor Oil to the process, it’s called “wet” dry brushing

The Queen of the Thrones® Lymphatic Dry Brush”  is a circular brush made with bamboo bristles and a comfortable, flexible hand strap that makes it easy to hold.

Pair it with a bottle of Queen of the Thrones® Organic Castor Oil that is 100% pure, extra virgin, and hexane-free for a more comfortable and nourishing dry brushing experience!

But you might be wondering how adding Castor Oil can enhance dry brushing

What happens when you “wet” dry brush with Castor Oil?

For some, dry brushing can feel a little uncomfortable because the bristles are purposely stiff, but when you smooth Castor Oil on your body first, it makes this self-care routine more enjoyable.

Castor Oil is a rich, moisturizing and conditioning oil for the skin that contains ricinoleic acid, a fatty acid that has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties1

It also contains skin-loving nutrients like vitamin E, polyphenols and omegas2. Famously a preferred carrier oil, Castor Oil may have the ability to carry nutrients deep into your skin3 allowing you to absorb them topically instead of orally as you do with tablets.

So, when you combine Castor Oil with dry brushing, (also known as “wet” dry brushing) you enhance the benefits of the practice while making the overall experience more enjoyable.  

But now you’re wondering . . .

What are the benefits of “wet” dry brushing?

Wet dry brushing supports lymphatic drainage by Queen of the Thrones

Well to start, dry brushing is great for the natural balance of your skin. If you want clearer skin that’s not too dry or too oily, dry brushing may help you achieve that natural balance by regularly supporting exfoliation. Sounds amazing, right?

Dry brushing for lymphatic drainage

Dry brushing may also help support lymphatic drainage. You see, when you apply gentle pressure to your skin using circular motions towards your heart, you are giving some loving support to your lymphatic system. 

Accompanied by Castor Oil, this practice may also support inflammation balance by delivering anti-inflammatory nutrients like ricinoleic acid and other omegas deep into your skin. 

When you dry brush in the morning, you may help invigorate and promote alertness hormones (like cortisol) at the time of day when cortisol is meant to spike (to wake you up). This will help you feel energized. 

Impressive for such a quick and easy practice, agreed? 

Add a little Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil, and you’ll take your practice to a whole new level! 

By supporting your largest organ and your lymphatic system regularly, you can help support better cleansing and help your body flush toxins that might be causing you to feel sluggish. 

Are you ready to learn how to dry brush with the Queen of the Thrones® Lymphatic Dry Brush and Castor Oil?

How do you use a dry brush?

Dry brushing is so easy you’ll get the hang of it in a flash! It’s best to do this practice in the morning, then in the evening you can do your Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Packs for the liver, thyroid, or pelvic area to further support cleansing. 

If you want to glean the most out of dry brushing, it’s best to start by “opening up” your lymphatic nodes and drainage pathways, then work your way incrementally from your chest and abdomen, to your arms, then your legs.

For the full step-by-step guide on “wet” dry brushing, download the free infographic! 

After dry brushing, you should feel awake, invigorated, and ready to start the day!

Are you a practitioner, health coach or wellness influencer? If you’re interested in recommending our easy-to-use tools and practically applying them in your health and wellness professional practice, in clinic, or online with the people you serve, you can join now!

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