Can Castor Oil Packs Help Reduce Bloating?

Castor Oil Packs fix Abdominal bloating

August 13th, 2020

Written by Marisol Teijeiro N.D. (inactive)

Medically reviewed by Victoria Williams R.H.N


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Can Castor Oil Packs Help Reduce Bloating?


When you’ve spent the majority of your life struggling to achieve the infamous flat belly, it’s like the golden goose — just slightly out of your reach. You achieve it and feel so proud, so rewarded, only to crash, crumbling down. It works great for a week and then ‘poof’, it’s gone, and you’re back to square one. All because you cheated just a little bit on your diet.

It’s so hard to be “perfect” all the time. You try, and you do your best, and I want to honour that here!!! You are working hard, good for you.

But maybe, just maybe — it’s not enough to only avoid certain foods. After all, you know you can’t avoid indulging on more than one occasion. Let’s face it — you’re human and you’re not perfect, and that is absolutely OK!

Food allergies cause abdominal bloating

So how can we indulge and not go back to square one? Instead of feeling like a beluga whale, we want to feel bodacious and like our best selves!

Here you will learn why the bloat happens, the main factors causing problems and the easy nightly routine that you can do to help alleviate the problem.

Why Do I Get Bloated?

There are many causes of bloated bellies. When you feel and look 7 months pregnant and well, you’re not… it’s a really important sign that things in your body aren’t working as they should. There is something terribly wrong with the environment in your body.

Here are the most common reasons why you’re dealing with bloating.

  • Food allergies, sensitivities or intolerances (most commonly, dairy and wheat) 
  • High sugar diet
  • Excessive processed foods 
  • Lack of exercise and natural movement  
  • Constipation (lack of daily bowel movement)
  • Low digestive factors
  • Unhealthy gut microbiome 
  • Insomnia, or problems sleeping

Let’s look at this interactive day-in-the-life example so you can see what I mean.

Living with Daily Bloating

Here’s what happens. You wake up in the morning with a relatively flat stomach. For breakfast, you eat a bagel and cream cheese. Seems innocent enough, right? As it goes down your digestive tract, because you are sensitive to it (gluten and dairy as it has been shown that the majority of people are), it causes inflammation and irritation. You may or may not feel symptoms directly associated to the food, but things are brewing down under!

What’s brewing is the unhealthy bacteria and yeast that look for any opportunity to advance their position and the best one to them is an irritated, inflamed gut and digestive tract (no matter how it got that way). They easily propagate and build their colonies and biofilm, which is a protective barrier that keeps them colonizing your gut.

Then, to make it all go down smoothly, you follow your delicious bagel with a cup of coffee, that you added 3 tsp of sugar and milk to (which is also sugar), or you opted for a healthier version: a glass of orange juice (BTW that is equivalent to 8 tsp of sugar).

Gluten and dairy are common causes of abdominal bloating

Here you add flame to the already burning iridescent fire. Sugar FEEDS yeast overgrowth; this is well known in natural circles as Candida. Your microbiome, as it’s called, is up to no good, and causing you bloating because of it. Coffee also promotes the stress response, so when paired with sugar, it creates one unhappy couple.

A solution? Switch to green tea! Green tea heals the gut lining, improves the microbiome and stimulates you like a coffee, but relaxes you at the same time, negating the cortisol spike that may occur.2

Queen of The Thrones Green Tea heals the gut and reduce abdominal bloating

Bacteria and yeast aren’t all in all bad, but those that are bad create nauseating gases and ferment in your body. These nauseating gases not only make you smell bad but they also slow down how quickly you go to the bathroom. This means you’re more likely to be constipated when this happens.

Plus you feel foggy-brained and fatigued. It’s almost like you are creating your own alcohol in your digestive tract. I am 100% serious here!

If you’re interested about more information on food sensitivity testing, you can find important resources on this lab testing website in the US.

There is of course a serious complication with all the other factors causing bloating. Add complication to an already complicated matter with the next aspect.

Is Bacteria Causing Me to Bloat?

The microbiome is often blamed for gas and bloating, specifically in the condition known as SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), where one of the main symptoms is bloating due to gas created by overgrowth.

Well, yes and no, and as you can see from the example above – it’s many factors.

The reality is, it’s a big smorgasbord of interplay between related factors that create the ENVIRONMENT in your body for there to be bloating.

Woman on the toilet

Change Your Environment, Change Your Life

How do you then fix the environment or the foundation of your body, without having to take a bazillion supplements and see a bunch of practitioners to get things under control?

A great first step is to have your food sensitivities tested. Food sensitivity testing allows you to see the whole picture and YOUR personal reaction to foods.

Calm your Abdominal Bloating with Castor Oil Packs!

The keys to this legendary treatment that has been around since the beginning of human civilization is that it works because it supports the fundamentals of health.

It has been shown to improve bloat because it improves these 5 key things:

The reality is, it’s a big smorgasbord of interplay between related factors that create the ENVIRONMENT in your body for there to be bloating.

  1. Function of digestion, absorption and elimination
  2. Antioxidant status 
  3. Inflammation regulation 
  4. Tension and stress reduction 
  5. Host microbiome balance
A food sensitivity blood test determines your IgG reactivity levels for different kinds of foods

What this means for you is better digestion, a good night’s sleep, better tolerance of stress, improved bowel movements, and increased absorption of good fats that help you heal and help you with cleansing and hormonal balance.

You will still need to be conscious of your diet, but regular practice of the castor oil packs allow for indulgence that won’t do you in. This is the awesome part about resetting the foundation and not just focusing on the symptoms!

A Castor Oil Pack is typically placed on the liver underneath the right rib cage and worn for a minimum of one hour, or ideally overnight. Why? Because you don’t tend to your garden only once in a while, you make sure it is watered, has good nutrients and that you keep the soil healthy and hospitable.

Would you love to know the ins and outs of Castor Oil Packs?


What also keeps the garden happy? The natural day and night cycle.

Optimize your sleep cycle with the Castor Oil Eye Compress Kit

The best way to optimize your sleep cycle is naturally, with The Castor Oil Eye Compress Kit. It’s a Castor Oil Pack for the eyes.

These packs help to block out light, but also help with improving your melatonin. The best benefit is that they also help with growing your lashes and eyebrows as well as reducing the fine lines around your eyes.

It’s a win-win! As part of your bedtime routine, before putting your Eye Compress on, apply the Castor Oil with the cosmetic brush on your eyebrows and eyelashes.

So there you have it, a better understanding of a few things that cause the dreaded bloat, but most importantly, what you can do about it now, so you don’t always have to be living on pins and needles when you indulge. You get deeper foundational healing and support of your fundamental function and the ability be disciplined with a bit of indulgence.

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12 Replies to “Can Castor Oil Packs Help Reduce Bloating?”

  1. I have used the castor oil pack for 10 hours at night for several months without any results which is very disappointing. I have quite severe diarrhea and insomnia, of which neither have been helped by using the messy packs. I was so sure it would help both issues. I have mild bloating which also shows no improvement. Sure wish it worked!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback Kathleen. As every person is biochemically unique, everyone responds differently to the castor oil pack practice, as with any health practice. Some people notice improvements in days, some can take weeks, even months to notice a change! When the body is imbalanced, it’s often taken a long time to get to that point, so sometimes it can take a long time to bring it back into balance. You may want to consider adding a hot water bottle over your pack; heat is often used as a modality in natural medicine to slow things down, making it great for cases of diarrhea and cramping, but not always ideal in cases of constipation. The eye mask from our Beauty Sleep Eye Kit™ helps the body to produce melatonin (the sleep hormone) naturally and is great for relaxation and deep sleep.
      I encourage you to stick to your practice because even if it doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything yet, the science is clear that these packs are super great for your body!!
      If there is anything that we can further support you with, please contact our customer service team at

    1. Thanks for reaching out to us Marion! While I cannot comment on your case specifically as you are not a patient of ours, castor oil have been shown to restore flow in the body and to reduce inflammation. They have also been shown to improve smooth muscle function of the intestines, and to balance the community of bacteria in the body (microbiome) via the ability to break down biofilm (a protective layer created by bad bacteria to stop us from killing them). As UTIs are commonly caused by “bad” bacteria, the packs may also be supportive in balancing the microbiome and preventing infection issues.

      You might find this blog post helpful, it talks about how the packs work and includes scientific research:

  2. Dear Marisol,
    your site is one of the best websites I have ever seen. Wishing this website goes viral and viral….
    Happy motherday from germany !!!

    Klaus M. Wissemeier
    Ayurveda-Ernährungsberater BYVG

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