Can Castor Oil Packs Improve Mental Health?

Can Castor Oil Packs Improve Mental Health?

Can Castor Oil Packs Improve Mental Health

Can Castor Oil Packs Improve Mental Health?

Written by: Guest author, Tracy Southwick, ND.
Medically reviewed by: Victoria Williams R.H.N.

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How Adding Emotional Release Techniques Can Enhance Your Detox Results

You have probably heard that your body can store emotions, like anger in the liver and fear in the kidneys. That can’t be healthy, right? The body and mind are constantly in a dance trying to find balance and health, but sometimes our emotions and mental health get in the way of healing. 

There is no doubt that our minds, bodies and spirits are inextricably interconnected. So, to address one aspect of health without addressing the others will lead to suboptimal results.  

This understanding is where the term “holistic” comes from. Many people use it interchangeably with “natural”, but it is not always the same. In truth, holistic health means treating the whole person; body, mind and spirit.

    How unprocessed emotions affect your body

    Unprocessed or stored emotions can land anywhere in the body. When your body holds onto a negative emotion or a low-vibration (possibly shame, anger, or resentment) – it can lead to congestion in your system. 

    The body understands things in biochemical terms, so emotions translate into hormones and neurotransmitters that have specific effects on your organs, tissues and systems. 

    Your body is meant to be a flow system with nutrition coming in (including information and feelings) and waste (including processed emotions) being released.

    Why is emotional release important for mental health?

    Emotions are a beautiful and natural part of being human, but we need to recognize and properly address them. When we don’t have the time, the bandwidth, or the tools to do so, eventually they may manifest into another form somewhere down the line. This could be physical symptoms like tension in the shoulders, mental illness, or even dis-ease.

    Castor Oils Packs for holistic wellness

    As a practitioner who has been in the field of natural health for 28 years and the founder of Mind Body Spirit Release Academy™, I’ve worked with thousands of clients and students.

    It’s only when my clients integrate these 2 powerful strategies that they’re finally able to uplevel their wellness:

    1. Mental health and emotional release techniques 
    2. Detoxification practices

    And one of my favorite self-care tools, the Castor Oil Pack, happens to support both.

    What to expect with emotional release and Castor Oil Packs

    It is not uncommon for people to release extra toxins, yeast, and even parasites while pairing Castor Oil Packs with emotional release techniques

    This happens when we release low-vibration, unprocessed emotions. The body’s channels of toxin elimination are opened up and waste of all kinds can find its way out of the body.  

    Often, after this release, clients and students remark that they feel a huge sense of relief, like an invisible weight being lifted. Many feel as though they’ve been transformed in their physical and mental health.

    So, how do I do this, you ask? 

    Ways to stimulate “holistic detoxification”

    There are many techniques available to help in this process, some more basic than others. But any emotional release techniques are supportive of physical and mental wellness

    1. Journaling

    One of the best places to start is by journaling. When you’re doing a Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Pack over your liver, you might want to start with focusing on the unprocessed emotions that are typically stored here, like anger and resentment. 

    Ask yourself, “What anger or resentment might I be storing in my body? Is there anything I need to let go of?”
    Write it all down in your journal. Now, keep in mind, the anger and resentment may be directed towards yourself or your current situation. Or you might even have been brought up around an angry parent, and you’ve taken their emotions on yourself because at the time, you could not process them.  

    Whatever your case may be, stay open and honest with yourself. Remember, you can always throw away your writing after you are finished.

    2. Essential Oils

    Another option is adding essential oils to your Castor Oil Pack. Lemongrass is thought to help support the liver and release resentment, plus it smells great. Just add a few drops onto your Castor Oil Pack before you apply it.

    Please note: You may want to do a skin sensitivity patch test before you use essential oils.

    3. Tapping

    For deeper work, try Tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), around the issues that arise during your journaling session. If you’re unfamiliar with Tapping, a simple online search will pull up many free resources. Apply your Castor Oil Pack and tap away!

    4. EMDR™

    If you’ve experienced severe trauma in your life, you may want to investigate Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR™) therapy.

    Speaking of therapy, a holistic therapist may also be very beneficial, as none of these suggestions are meant to take the place of medical or therapeutic care.

    5.  Mind Body Spirit Release™

    Lastly, for those who want to go really deep and uncover and release emotions, limiting beliefs, generational imprints and more, Mind Body Spirit Release™ may be a good path.

    To discover more about the Mind Body Spirit Release™ program and how you can work with me, click on the button below.

    Hopefully after reading this, you will have a new understanding of what a holistic detox is and how to add emotional release techniques to your Castor Oil Packs. The benefits on mental wellness are far-reaching and so worth the extra effort.


    Tracy Southwick, ND, HHP, AMP

    Owner, Heights of Health Clinic, Houston, Texas

    Developer and Founder, Mind Body Spirit Release™ Academy

    As a naturopath and the owner of a Mind-Body-Spirit health clinic, Tracy Southwick has spent over 28 years helping others understand the importance of uncovering and clearing emotional and subconscious blocks in order to achieve true wellness.  Through the years, she has taught about countless health topics in her two radio shows, numerous television interviews and frequent speaking engagements. Additionally, Tracy has developed Mind Body Spirit Release™ and founded an academy with that same name to teach practitioners and passionate health-seekers across the globe how to identify and detoxify from emotional toxins, limiting beliefs, generational blocks and more.   Tracy and her team of practitioners work with clients from all over the world – remotely and in person – from her main clinic in Houston, as well as satellite offices in Colorado and Oregon. 

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