6 Wellness Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2023

6 Wellness Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2023

Six wellness gift ideas for mothers day by Queen of the Thrones

6 Wellness Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2023

Written by: Joanna Teljeur B.A. Joanna Teljeur Copywritter at Queen of the Thrones Joanna Teljeur B.A.
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Medically reviewed by:   Victoria Williams R.H.N.

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Personalized Self-Care Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Have you been looking high and low for a special Mother’s Day gift that she’ll value and love? Something that will help her feel better more often?

Well, this year, why not get mom a self-care gift that will help her relax, rejuvenate, and show her how much you truly care about her wellness? After all, a healthier mom is a happier mom, agreed?

If this sounds like a plan to you, then we’ve got some amazing personalized Mother’s Day gift ideas that will make mom feel nurtured, pampered, and adored.

First on the list is the Lymphatic Dry Brush

Dry brushing is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that may help support your lymphatic system and internal organs to drain and clear out toxins.

Queen of the Thrones Dry Brush for better exfoliation

Next up is the Fascia Body Roller

Recommended by naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, functional medicine practitioners, osteopaths, mental health doctors, health coaches, and wellness influencers, Queen of the Thrones® Fascia Massage Body Roller makes a dreamy gift to help mom relax, unwind, and roll out tension in her muscles.

Queen of the Thrones Fascia Body Roller Massage

Made with flexible silicone and a comfortable, adjustable hand strap, the Fascia Body Roller may help soothe mom’s tight muscles and release adhesions that can become blocked by physical and emotional trauma.

The cooling metal marbles help ease tension as you roll the balls from head to toe. It’s like a mini Mother’s Day Massage! Plus, the Fascia Roller may help promote relaxation and less stress 2 3 4. This also pairs well with Queen of the Thrones® Organic Castor Oil which contains ricinoleic acid, a fatty acid with anti-inflammatory properties5 6 that helps glide the roller along the skin.

Tune into intuition with the Pearl Pendulum 

Pearls have always been the embodiment of femininity. Revered in the Bible and traded and bartered as highly valued currency, pearls have adorned women for centuries!

And the pendulum is an ancient metaphysical tool that has been used to help assess what is good (or not so good) for us in the present moment.

https://queenofthethrones.com/wp-content/uploads/202Queen of the Thrones Pearl Pendulum for energy detox

Combine the two, and you’ve got a Mother’s Day gift she’ll cherish for years to come: The Queen of the Thrones® Pearl Pendulum! 

The Pearl Pendulum can help you discover what your soul really needs. It’s great for finding confirmation on questions like, 

“Do I have a sensitivity to this food?” or “Is this supplement right for me?”

In fact, pearl is the best stone for muscle testing (getting answers from your body and your higher self) because the shell is made of calcium, just like your bones, and that makes it an excellent conduit to help anchor muscles and get clarity.

And while you’re thinking of ways to help mom tap into her more spiritual side, imagine how much she’d love…

Deepen meditation with the Mystic Mask

You’d love to help your favorite mother deepen her meditation practice, agreed? Well this little tool can help her relax, focus, and quiet her mind. 

The Queen of the Thrones® Mystic Mask helps reduce sensory stimulation while activating the third eye chakra and promoting natural melatonin production 8 9. These qualities make it the ideal companion for settling into a deep meditative state. 

Here’s how it works: The Mystic Meditation Mask has 5 small, stainless steel studs that line up with acupressure points around your eyes, which are known for supporting headaches, especially if you keep your mask in the fridge or freezer!

Queen of the Thrones Medical Mystic Mask

For all her hard work, dedication, and love, mom deserves a gift that helps her relax and feel more calm and focused, agreed?

And one sure way to do that is with a fresh, organic scent to help her calm her mind like…

Eau de Throne® Essential Oil Spray

Queen of the Thrones Eau de Thrones cinnamon flavor to refresh your environment

Make Mother’s Day an aromatherapeutic experience with this delicious blend of lavender, rosemary, clove and limonene. Eau de Throne® is the perfect mix of organic essential oils that will delight mom’s nose and soothe her mind. 

Better yet, it comes in a sweet little amber glass bottle, it’s easy to store, and great for travel! Mom can just toss it into her purse and enjoy a spritz of it in her car, bathroom, gym bag, or anywhere for a quick refresher.

And to complete your Mother’s Day gift guide…

Consider adding one of the Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Packs! The most popular choice is the Liver Pack which may help support many different wellness functions from better sleep to better digestion (and who wouldn’t love that?). But the Pelvic Pack or Thyroid Pack would also make mom happy, especially if she’s trying to improve her self-care routine. Plus, Castor Oil Packs work well with any diet, supplements or wellness practices she might already be doing.

Remember, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your mom how much you appreciate her. By gifting her with personalized self care products, you’ll help her cleanse naturally, sleep better, and feel her best. Happy Mother’s Day to all the healthy moms out there! 

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