Spring cleanse for body mind and spiritual wellness by Queen of the Thrones

Spring Cleanse for Body, Mind & Spiritual Wellness

May 10, 2024 | 2 comments

Written by: Heather Tanti R.P.N (non-practicing)

Reviewed by: Victoria Williams R.H.N.

Est. reading time: 17 minutes

As the seasons change, so do our bodies’ needs. If you’re anything like me, you’re feeling the urge for a fresh start—a clean slate for your body, mind, and spirit. But where to begin? 

Fret not, because spring has sprung! And with it comes the perfect opportunity to hit the reset button, agreed? But let’s face it, embarking on a cleanse can sometimes feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded – confusing, overwhelming, and just a tad frustrating. 

Not to worry though, because I’m here to be your guide through this journey, armed with the ancient wisdom of natural cleansing and the modern magic of Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil practices. 

So, grab your favorite mug of herbal tea, cozy up, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of natural spring cleansing together!

What is a full body cleanse?

Do you find yourself wondering what exactly a cleanse is, and why they may be beneficial? Well, much like our shelves and living space becomes cluttered, so does our body.

What is a full body cleanse by Queen of the Thrones
This build up of ‘stuff’, or in the case of cleanses, toxins, can really hinder how well our body manages its natural processes, and can even make us feel weighed down, and out of sync with ourselves… Can you relate?

Cleansing and detox are natural functions your body does everyday that are crucial for staying healthy. They help remove harmful substances from our cells, which can otherwise cause sickness and even death if left unchecked. This process includes getting rid of toxins from both outside sources (like pollution) and those produced within our bodies.1

It’s clear that our world is getting more polluted, with chemicals from industry, pesticides, heavy metals, and radiation. These toxins can harm us in many ways, like causing cancer, messing with our reproductive system, affecting our metabolism, and even impacting our mental health. They build up in our bodies over time, especially through the food we eat. Sometimes, when different toxins mix together, they can become even more dangerous than they are on their own.2

So, where exactly do we begin to understand the different types of cleanses, and which may be right for you? Let’s explore further!

Types of cleanses

Embarking on a journey to cleanse your body can lead to renewed energy, clearer skin, and support your overall well-being. But with so many options available, where do you begin?

Whether you’re looking to kickstart a healthier lifestyle or simply give your body a reset, understanding these different approaches will empower you to make informed choices for your wellness journey.

Liver cleansing

When you think of cleansing your body, your mind probably goes right to liver cleansing, right? Well, you’re right, supporting liver cleansing is a great place to start when beginning your cleanse and detox journey.

Why supporting liver detox is important for your health by Queen of the Thrones
The liver acts as your body’s defender against harmful chemicals. It does this by changing these chemicals into forms that can easily be flushed out of your body through urine, bowel movements, or even sweat. 

This protective process relies on special enzymes in the liver that help break down and neutralize these toxins. However, sometimes these enzymes can also turn chemicals into more harmful substances. This variation in enzyme activity can affect how your body reacts to different drugs and toxins. 

By giving your liver a little extra care and attention, like a cleanse, you’re setting yourself up for a healthier detox journey.3

Colon cleanse

Chances are, you’ve likely heard of a “colon cleanse” before, right? It’s not just a passing trend; in fact, it’s an important step in the cleanse and detox journey. 

Widely recognized as a way to flush out toxins and rejuvenate your system, colon cleansing has gained popularity for its potential health benefits.

The importance of supporting colon cleansing by Queen of the Thrones
Can supporting colon cleansing help with certain ailments? It seems so! 

One popular way to support colon cleansing is colon hydrotherapy A.K.A. colon irrigation, where water is fed into the colon to help flush out waste. Studies suggest it might be useful for things like bowel issues, constipation, and fecal incontinence. Some people even find relief after surgery.4

Lymphatic cleanse

Now, I know what you’re thinking, what on earth is a lymphatic cleanse? It might sound unfamiliar, but stick with me – it’s an essential piece of the puzzle for detoxifying your body.

Here are some benefits of manual lymphatic drainage techniques (MLDTs) when it comes to supporting your body to cleanse and detox:

  • Stimulating the lymphatic system: MLDTs may help support lymph circulation, allowing your body to get rid of waste more effectively.
  • Removing biochemical wastes: By speeding up the removal of toxins from your tissues, MLDTs encourage detoxification.
  • Supporting fluid dynamics: MLDTs enhance fluid movement in your body, which may help balance swelling (edema).
  • Balancing stress: MLDTs can help calm your nervous system, leading to a more relaxed and balanced state.5
Why support lymphatic drainage is necessary for your health by Queen of the Thrones

Juice cleanse

The health of our gut microbiota is really important for overall wellness, agreed? 

When we drink vegetable and fruit juices, we’re getting a dose of polyphenols, oligosaccharides, fiber, and even nitrate (like beet juice), which could act like prebiotics, supporting good gut health. 

Juice cleanses have become quite trendy lately, and one study investigating a 3 day juice cleanse showed significant changes in the gut microbiome which were associated with weight loss. 6 More research is needed in this area.

So what is a juice cleanse exactly? A juice cleanse is a unique way to help your body detox. It involves drinking only fruit or vegetable juices for three to ten days while avoiding solid foods. The idea is if you give your digestion a “break” by only consuming nutrient-rich fluids, more energy can be focused on flushing out the “junk.”

Juice Cleansing by Queen of the Thrones
Let’s be honest, juice cleanses can be appealing often due to the fact that they promise quick weight loss by cutting down on calories for a short period. But here’s the catch: once you go back to your normal eating routine, that weight often creeps back up.

So, yes, these trendy diets might help you drop some pounds, but it’s partly because you’re eating less.7

What about a 7 day body cleanse?

When it comes to cleansing, the idea of committing to weeks or even months can seem overwhelming. However, a 7-day body cleanse offers a manageable alternative that can still provide significant benefits. 

Let’s explore how a 7-day food-based cleanse may help support your wellness!

7-Day Mediterranean Castor Oil Pack Cleanse

How Queen of the Thrones Castor Oil Packs help you to cleansing your body

Let’s dive into the wonderful world of cleansing with a twist—the 7-Day Mediterranean Castor Oil Pack Cleanse (A.K.A. The Genesis Cleanse). 

This type of cleanse isn’t just a passing fad; it’s deeply rooted in centuries-old traditions of healthy living around the Mediterranean region, and the Mediterranean diet is one of the most researched and popular diets globally, linked to numerous health benefits.8

Picture this: vibrant markets brimming with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and olive oil. A Mediterra- nean cleanse isn’t just about what you eat; it’s a lifestyle celebrated for its heart-healthy benefits and delicious flavors.

For centuries, people living in countries like Greece, Italy, and Spain have embraced this way of eating, rich in whole grains, lean proteins, and plenty of plant-based goodness.9

Now, let’s dive into a new take on cleansing with Mediterranean foods and Castor Oil Packs, that’s inspired by the 7 days of creation in the book of Genesis.  


Unlike extreme juice cleanses or strict diets, the 7-Day Mediterranean Cleanse, also known as The Genesis Cleanse, is designed so that you don’t have to feel restricted; rather expansive and satisfied. You’ll enjoy vibrant salads, grilled fish, whole grains, and of course, the wonderful olive oil—while taking a break from processed foods and sugars.

Sounds wonderful, agreed?

Now, here’s the exciting part. If you’re looking to supercharge your cleanse experience, The Genesis Cleanse encourages you to add a little something extra—Castor Oil Packs

Queen of the Thrones® offers a unique 7-Day Mediterranean Cleanse that includes the gentle support of Castor Oil Packs.

What are Castor oil Packs?

Castor Oil Packs have been used for ages as a natural way to support natural and gentle detoxification while encouraging digestive wellness. 

The best part? They’re so simple to use: just apply an organic cotton pack with a few drops of Castor Oil to your abdomen. Kick back, relax, and let the magic happen.

And with Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Packs, the entire process is much easier, cleaner and more comfortable than ever before! 

Try the Liver Castor Oil Pack with organic Castor Oil with your next cleanse for that little extra touch of support.

Queen of the Thrones Castor Oil Liver Pack buy button

They truly make the perfect pairing! Imagine combining the benefits of a Mediterranean-inspired cleanse with the gentle detoxifying support of Castor Oil Packs. 

It’s like treating your body to a spa day from the inside out—nurturing, soothing, and oh-so-supportive!

Spring rituals for cleansing

Ah, springtime—the season of renewal and fresh starts. While many people think of cleansing as just detoxing with juices or healthy foods, there’s another side to it that’s all about spiritual renewal. 

Spring cleansing goes beyond what you eat; it’s about clearing out the old energy and making space for new, positive vibes. 

One popular way to do this is through spiritual practices like burning sage to cleanse your space and yourself.

Burning sage sticks and allowing the smoke to waft through your home or around your body is believed to clear away stagnant energy and support a sense of clarity and peace.

Another beautiful practice is setting intentions or affirmations for the season ahead. 

Take a moment to reflect on what you want to invite into your life—whether it’s joy, love, or a renewed sense of purpose—and speak these intentions aloud or write them down as a form of spiritual cleansing and manifestation.

Spring offers a natural opportunity to align with the energy of renewal and growth. Incorporating these spiritual cleansing practices into your routine can help you welcome the season with a refreshed mind, body, and spirit.

Cleansing ritual practices by Queen of the Thrones

In closing…

As we embrace the essence of spring and explore different avenues of cleansing and renewal, remember that wellness is a holistic journey encompassing body, mind, and spirit. 

While detox diets and juice cleanses can kickstart physical health goals, complementing these practices with spiritual cleansing practices adds a deeper layer of rejuvenation.

Consider incorporating simple yet powerful techniques like burning sage for energetic cleansing or setting heartfelt intentions to align with the season’s transformative energy.

And for gentle, nurturing support throughout your wellness journey, Castor Oil Packs may be just the extra TLC you’ve been looking for when it comes to your overall well-being.

As you navigate this season of renewal, remember to listen to your body and honor your inner rhythms. May your spring be filled with growth, vitality, and a renewed sense of balance. 

Here’s to embracing wellness in all its forms—body, mind, and spirit!

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  1. Karen Hebert

    How long should you continue using the liver detox pack. My sister said she wore it at night for a month. I want to get the most benefit from wearing it.

    • Queen of the Thrones

      Consistent use of Castor Oil Packs (along with a healthy diet/lifestyle practices) helps support bringing the body and the gut into balance. Oftentimes people will use Castor Oil Packs nightly, then as they begin feeling better, they may go down to wearing it a couple of times per week for maintenance, or for acute situations like indigestion, bloating, anxiety, etc.

      Your practice is totally up to you and what makes you feel your best, but they’ll always be your go-to for supporting deeper sleep, better bowel movements and less stress and are an excellent practice for maintaining wellness.


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