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Meet with our founder, Dr. Marisol Teijeiro N.D. and learn how Queen of the Thrones® launched into becoming one of the most successful e-commerce natural health businesses while helping billions of people with their unique health journeys along the way.

Founded in 2018, Queen of the Thrones® strives to make ancient self-care practices easy and convenient with your optimal health in mind.

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I think back to when my first book was being printed through Balboa Press. It was March 9th, 2020. I remember I picked up my mail and I saw it sitting on top of the pile. THE LETTER. My heart skipped a beat and fluttered. I looked down at it in my hands above a pile of junk, cheques and bills. I couldn’t even open it. I just wanted to take pictures of the Hay House logo and stare at it, mesmerized and frozen in the moment. I so badly wished I could show the letter to my mom!

To see the moment you dreamed about for so many years being materialized in front of your eyes is simply magical. Have you ever felt that before?

For me, that moment was now with my book. So many years and so much love put into it. The best part? I just knew my mom was looking down on me from heaven, sitting on her cloud with Mozart.

This was close to one of the best days of my life. Especially because EVERYTHING for my book that was being published at that moment was ready to go; affiliates and influencer promotions, Facebook/YouTube/Instagram campaigns, webinars, TV spots, PR opportunities, product bundles, book launch events, and more. I had hired a big team and I was oh so excited for something I have worked for my entire life.

And then, on the 12th of March, the world flatlined. I look back and I find it ironic, because the name of the first book is probably the best representation of what I felt in the pit of my stomach at that time. It sure wasn’t butterflies, more like nausea that made me sick… The title was perfect…

Oh, Sh*t! 3 Stressless Steps to Connect, Clear & Calm Digestion. Own the Throne!

the book Oh, shit Publishing stamp from Hay House

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