How To Find Gratitude in Hard Times

June 8, 2021

Guest Blog by Our Founder, Dr. Marisol Teijeiro, N.D.

How You Can Find Gratitude In Hard Times

Have you ever had someone in your life that made you happy just by being near them?

Maybe it’s your mom or dad and the thought of them makes you happy, but also sad because they’re no longer with you. Is this you? You’re not alone and I am here to share how you can find gratitude and joy during difficult times.

Let’s dive in, shall we? Remember to be gentle with yourself.



Do you find this time of year hard because of Father’s Day and Mother’s Day? Or maybe you feel guilty when you do feel happy because how can you feel happy when your parents aren’t here to share the day with you? Does this sound like you?

Maybe you’d rather stay in bed all day, cuddled up in your softest blankets because you know as soon as you get up and face the day, you’ll be sent back down the spiral of grief- a place you don’t want to go back to. Is this you?

I’ve been there too. Stuck in doom and gloom after my dad died last year, going through the motions day to day like a robot trying to find light at the end of a never ending tunnel of darkness. Can you relate?

Even when my dad was lying in his hospital bed, unable to move from his debilitating stroke, he was still smiling and saying ‘y bueno’, which is Spanish for ‘all good’.

Even with our masks on I could see the spark of joy in his eyes and even though we had to stay 6 feet apart, I could feel the warmth of his grateful heart and it felt like a giant bear hug. Connected by emotions, but physically far apart. Have you ever felt this way?

So how can I carry on his contagious joy and gratitude when I feel stuck in sadness and grief because he’s not still here with me? Would you love to know how I figured out how you can get back to feeling joy, even in the toughest moments?


When my dad died, I was so exhausted from hearing, “I’m so sorry for your loss”. Can you relate?

“Sorry for your loss” has good intentions but it puts you back in the place of doom and gloom of feeling sorry and sad, right?

When I think about my dad and the life he lived, I don’t feel sorry, I feel joyful. Yes, I have moments of sadness because I miss him, but I’m so grateful for the light he brought into my life. Can you relate?

You see, the common theme here is gratitude. When I felt like I was stuck in the dark tunnel of grief, trying to find the light at the end of it without my dad, I discovered that practicing gratitude in my own life became the flashlight I needed to make my way out of the dark tunnel.

Marisol and her Dad

The best part? You can light your own torch too. Would you love to know how you can find your way out of your tunnel of darkness?

The more you practice gratitude, the more joy and happiness will naturally come

Marisol and her mom

Remember, it’s ok to have sad moments because this is about baby steps so you can gently move yourself into a natural state of joy.

You see, I found my way back to happiness through practicing gratitude in new ways. Would you love to do the same?

We’re all grateful for something, right? Be gentle with yourself and if you find it hard to approach gratitude, you can start by thinking of things you’re grateful for. Like morning walks with your dog, long phone chats with friends, or board game nights with your loved ones.

Would you love to join me in the Gratitude Experiment?

Disclaimer: Always check in with your gut, your higher self and your doctor before starting any new practice. This is not medical advice. This is for educational purposes only. This is not meant to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose.

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